3 Useful Blogs of Learning SEO & Business Techniques

SEO (Search engine optimization) is critical for e-commerce marketing. Here are some recommended blogs that can help learn more about the topics and strategies to try out to grow your business.
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Last updated on September 20, 2022

Running a successful e-commerce business requires mastering multiple tasks, from product selection, logistics, customer service, to marketing. You can have the best products in the world, but would require good marketing to reach your customers. SEO, as Kiwi Sizing has discussed before in the benefits of growing organic traffic by using SEO, is critical to the success of an online shop.

In this article, we want to share 3 blogs that regularly talks about details, tips, and practical case studies of SEO strategies, along with other useful topics. By subscribing to those blogs, you just need to spend a few minutes every day to stay updated on industry trends, get ahead of competitors, and make quick responses to market changes.

Search Engine Journal (SEJ)


Launched in 2003, Search Engine Journal is a blog platform focused on educating the SEO community by offering interviews and latest news of search marketing content. All the contributed articles were written by the marketing experts in each related industry.

SEJ has content for experienced marketers or someone who just got started. In addition to latest to in-depth articles of latest industry trends, SEO also have a series of SEO introductions to help you understand how SEO works to improve search traffic and optimize your website’s search ranking in organic search results.

In addition, SEJ also contains lots of relevant information of marketing on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, which is an important part of an overall online marketing strategy.

Shopify Blog


As one of the most popular e-commerce platform, Shopify also offer a useful blog devoted to sharing all sort of useful information for shop owners to run a successful business. There are topics like Business Ideas, Digital Marketing, How to Sell Online and Case Studies. The blog also shares interviews with other e-commerce stores from time to time. You can learn a lot by the experience and strategies used by other brands and apply them to in your own business.

Practical Ecommerce

practical ecomm

Founded in 2005, Practical Ecommerce focuses on publishing expert insights and instruction to help e-commerce companies. Practical Ecommerce provides many kinds of practical skills of e-commerce operations, such as marketing strategy, conversion promotion, platform design and development, business management, SEO introduction, shipping matters and various topics. Moreover, Practical Ecommerce also produces content for specifically for different e-commerce platforms. For example, if you are using Amazon as the business platform, then you can directly view related articles under the Amazon & Marketplaces category.

For digital tools commonly used by e-commerce operators, like: Google Analytics, Page Speed or life-related issues, you can also easily find the most complete answers on the site. Whether you are a green hand or a senior e-commerce operator, you can definitely find articles suitable for your current business scale in Practical Ecommerce to help you get to the next level!

3 Useful Blogs of Learning SEO & Business Techniques
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In the ever-changing e-commerce market, it’s very important to understand all the industry practices and gain a firm foothold. We believe it is important to stay educated by subscribing to various blogs and apply the lessons learned in your business. We hope the 3 blogs today will be useful for your journey to stay educated.

In addition to the practical blogs shared above, Kiwi Sizing Blog will also share our view on e-commerce trends and marketing strategies regularly. Moreover, Kiwi Sizing will also curate useful digital tools from time to time to help you choose the most suitable apps for your e-commerce business.

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