5 Email Marketing Tips to Keep Customers Coming Back

We'd like to share 5 tips for newsletter management, from lead generation to newsletter content strategies, to help you effectively use the email marketing channel to create good interaction with consumers and enhance your brand awareness.
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Last updated on September 20, 2022

You must have heard the saying “it costs less to keep your old customers than to get new ones.” It is important to maintain existing customer relationships, which influences a customer’s lifetime value (CLV). By continuously providing values to them, they can shop repeatedly, become brand advocates, and attract their friends & families through word-of-mouse promotions. Overall, it is good for your business.

Email is one of the easiest tool to keep your existing customers retained. In our previous article “What is email marketing – and why it should be a priority”, we shared the importance of email marketing and how to measure its effectiveness. This time, we’d like to share 5 email marketing tips that help bring your old customers back.

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5 Email Marketing Tips to Keep Customers Coming Back
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1.  Build an email list with an effective open rate

The key to successful email marketing is sending relevant content to people who care and the time they are the most. This may sound intuitive but it is extremely difficult to do in practice. One way to measure how effective your emails are is checking the “open rate“, which is simply the number of times the email is opened divided by total number of emails sent.

One good tactic is segmenting your email list, categorize them based on different shopping history and customer profiles. And send emails to those who will more likely care about that particular content. Spamming people is a sure way to get low open rate and a lot of cancellation. Remember that at the end of the day, the purpose of your email is to connect with customers and deliver value.

Another thing is don’t spend money on buying email leads. The owners of these emails may not even know your brand and most likely aren’t your target audience.

5 Email Marketing Tips to Keep Customers Coming Back

2. Share Useful and Informative Materials

By sending newsletters to consumers regularly, you can build relationships, inform them about new products and discounts, and share useful information. In general, e-commerce owners often create marketing campaigns for holidays and use an email newsletter to encourage existing consumers and subscribers to shop for sales or new looks.

However, constantly blasting promotion information can get old. Most customers also prefer having “useful” information. For example, you can share updates on new fashion trends for the season, high quality influencers to follow, top ten list of a subject, or even content like funny or motivational quotes.  

If you constantly deliver this kind of informative message, it is recommended that you include the Newsletter delivery time in the email, so that they become accustomed to expecting them on a regular basis and build up a high level of participation to achieve the best results with your email communication.

3. Personalize Newsletter Content

Personalization is key in this era of digital marketing. It may be more time consuming, but the results will prove itself. Statistics show that personalized newsletter content gets 14% more clicks and 10% more purchases than generic emails. The reason for this is simple: the closer your content is to the consumers’ interests, the more it resonates with your customers, which leads to more interactions and purchases.

A personalized newsletter is more than just mentioning the customer’s first name – everything from who to send, when to send, what to send, need to be based on segmented customer groups and purchase histories. Someone who just joined should see different content from someone who’s been loyal for over a year.

If you have a CRM system, you can tap into your customers’ shopping preferences or special needs from past purchases or return records, and then share the special offer for the next time you sell similar products to stimulate consumers to buy again. Tailoring your newsletter content for your consumers to feel connected and being spoken to is the key to keep them coming back!

4. Create A Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

5 Email Marketing Tips to Keep Customers Coming Back

Every newsletter needs at least one call-to-action (CTA), which indicates to your reader, customers, or subscribers what action to take. CTA can be a simple button or a sentence in the content but it should be clear and precise. For example, if you are sharing a limited seasonal collection with your shoppers, you can use a button like “check it before sold out” to engage with them and attract them to your e-commerce site.  

If you’re using a CTA button, make sure it’s differentiated from the rest of the text by color and size, and check that it’s easily visible and clickable on a mobile device. The color, size, and placement of the CTA is a sort of experiment, and you can optimize each email campaign by A/B testing how the button looks and locates get the most clicks. The more clicks you attract, the more consumers will visit your website and learn about your brand, which will help drive traffic and increase sales!

But please keep in mind, just have one CTA. Less is more.

5. Check The Performance Regularly

Measuring your performance is important. Even though the expected result of email marketing is different depending on the industry, you can usually get a sense of the general industry standard and use that as a benchmark.

Measure your open rate, CTA rate, and even behaviors afterwards. Depending on the purpose of your campaign, maybe you want to optimize for sales or if you want to optimize for other metrics like articles read per reader. With some measurement as the baseline, you can experiment with indicators, subject, content or CTA design.

5 Email Marketing Tips to Keep Customers Coming Back

The above five tips for email marketing will help you effectively use your leads to maintain relationships with repeat customers and generate a positive cycle. Once you have established a successful newsletter marketing channel, you will be able to reduce the cost of maintaining relationships with existing customers and use such tactics to interact with potential customers. By simply creating different content for specific groups of people, you can reduce the amount of advertising and spend your budget on things more worthwhile.

These are the email marketing tips shared by Kiwi Sizing for all e-commerce businesses. We will also share more practical tips for different marketing channels, in the hope that you can find the most suitable way for your online presence.

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