5 Key Points on a Product Page

Product page is perhaps the most important part for an e-commerce store and it is where customers spend the most time deciding whether or not to purchase your product. This post will share 5 key elements to make an effective product page with high conversion rate!
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Last updated on September 20, 2022

Due to its convenience and accessibility, online shopping has become a popular way people shop. Many old and new businesses are also setting up their online stores at an accelerating rate.

One problem most shops experience is conversion. They can often run successful advertising and promotion campaigns to drive traffic to their online stores, but struggle with turning those people into paying customers. While the strategy for improving conversion is a complex topic and could be different depending on the brands. Without digging directly into the data and browsing pattern on your store, it’s hard to pin-point the exact problem.

That being said, one of the most effective place to improve conversion is the layout and design of the product page. In this post, we will discuss 5 key elements that we believe every shops should adopt to improve their conversions.

All the key points follow an underlying theme, which is lowering shopping friction by giving customers clear and relevant product information, offering a safe and trust-worthy shopping environment, and instilling a sense of urgency to nudge customers to the finish line.

5 Key Points on a Product Page

1. Appropriate Category, Title and Description of Products

Online shopping is a frustrating experience for many people because you cannot physically see the product and try it on. When people hesitate about your product, they are likely to drop off. Therefore the most important part of your product page is presenting clear and accurate product information. For example, product name, category, description, size charts, color, texture, feature, etc. Think about what questions customers may ask and then include the answers on your product page. Furthermore, present those information in a clear and clean design. For example, choose typography and color that is easy to read.

2. Selection of High Quality Product Picture

5 Key Points on a Product Page - Kiwi Sizing
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As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Customers often only spend a few seconds on your product page, so while textual information is critical, you would also need impressive visuals that capture their attention. Pictures also need to be informative – present the product in different angles or worn by a real model so your customers can imagine how it is like.

3. Policy of Return

Flexible and generous return policy encourages customers to make purchase decisions. This is almost a requirement today as most shops offer free return guarantees for X number of days from purchase date. If you don’t offer similar or better return policies, you may lose out on your competitors who do. If you are selling apparels, one of the most common reason for return are fit issues. One tactic you can use to install confidence and lower returns is using sizing tools that can directly recommend customers the best size to purchase. For example, Kiwi Sizing offers powerful fit finder feature that lower your customer’s purchase hesitation by suggesting the best size to purchase.

So do emphasize on your return policy on the product page so customers who hesitate may feel comfortable with continuing the purchase. Having a generous return policy also shows that you are confident in your own product and you care about the customer relationship in the long term. Of course, it is important to set up the policy clearly so bad actors cannot abuse.

4. Customer Reviews

5 Key Points on a Product Page - Kiwi Sizing
Photo by David Lusvardi / Unsplash

People are more likely to purchase things recommended by their friends and families. This same rule applies to even reviews from strangers online. Most customers read comments from other customers to inform their own purchasing decision. They want to see what are the goods and bad parts of the product. This is one of the most important purchase signals.

While positive reviews give people confidence, be cautious with dealing with negative reviews. If you can handle unsatisfied feedback well, it can continue to give people confidence. If you remove all the negative reviews, customers will sense ingenuity on your product page which actually hurts your conversion. It’s important to actually listen to customers’ opinion so you can make decisions that improve customer experience.

5. Sense of Urgency

One very effective tactic to improve conversion is giving customers a sense of urgency and a feeling of “acting now to not miss out“. There are various ways to achieve this effect. One common way is showing the inventory status of the product. When customer discover that the product they want are running low in inventory, they will be more likely to purchase it on the spot. Other common methods for urgency is showing how many other people are also viewing and purchasing the product, which instills a sense of “popularity” which is also an effective driver for sales.

Complete product pages have a stark difference in terms of conversion rates. They can also make a better customer impression of your brand image. We urge you to take a moment to re-evaluate your product pages and see if there is anything that can be improved on. Remember to always think from the angle of the customer to identify any potential point of hesitation and confusion, whether it is incomplete product information, or lack of customer reviews. We suggest you to experiment with different approaches and run A/B test to see what combination of changes are truly effective.

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