Over a million businesses are using Shopify to run their e-commerce stores. For one thing, Shopify offers an user-friendly interface. Yet, it is the powerful integration of over 4000 apps that makes Shopify the primary choice for merchants. By empowering your Shopify business with the best-in-class apps, you can optimize your store and increase sales more effectively.

Below is a list of top seven Shopify apps to help you grow your e-commerce.

Shopney: Increase sales with the best mobile shopping experience.

5 Best Shopify Apps for Growing your Ecommerce Business

Mobile traffic is gold for eCommerce businesses, especially for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants. According to BigCommerce, mobile eCommerce sales are expected to account for 54% of total eCommerce sales this 2021. 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile devices in the last 6 months. This emphasizes the significance of creating a user-friendly mobile shopping experience for your online customers.

Shopney is a mobile app builder that takes e-shoppers’ mobile shopping experience very seriously. There are three major features why it’s been loved by all Shopify store merchants.

  • Simple & Intuitive Design: You don’t need any professional design skills to create an appealing mobile-first shopping website. You can easily promote your brand and new products unlimited visually attractive push notifications. Online store display can be customized into inventory-specific themes to trigger stronger emotions that lead to final purchases. You can further save more marketing budget by using their built-in tools to create FOMO campaigns like flash sales or countdown timer.
  • Easy & fast deployment: Even for someone who isn't technical, you can still launch your app in 7 days without any coding required. Most importantly, you’ll be able to manage your inventory from your mobile app after syncing Shopney to your Shopify store.
  • Responsive tech support: eCommerce marketplace is fiercely competitive and efficient tech support plays a critical role in the customer journey. Shopney offers 24/7 customer support to ensure their clients online businesses are always streamlined. If any abnormal activities are detected or reported, Shopney has a dedicated team lined up to provide Immediate support for all Shopify owners. Merchants can then focus on their biggest goal: boosting online sales.

Shopney offers a 30-day free trial with full features available for use. You can choose from three different plans starting from only $99 / month the minimum.

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Growave: The all-in-one marketing platform for small and medium-sized Shopify stores.

5 Best Shopify Apps for Growing your Ecommerce Business

Growave is an all-in-one marketing platform for small and medium-sized Shopify brands that helps them reach, engage, and convert their customers. The app offers various tools, such as Reviews, Wishlists, Q&A, Loyalty and Referral, Social login, Instagram galleries, and more.

Why we love it

Growave is very simple to install and use despite its extensive functionality. On top of that Growave offers affordable pricing to suit any brand’s growth stage. Growave is an all-in-one app that offers 5+ apps in one, which saves you a ton of money paying for separate apps. Such multifunctionality of the app makes it the ultimate platform for online store conversions and sales. It is as much as six times more cost-effective than any of the alternatives on the market. Another highlight of Growave is fast and responsive 24/7 customer support.


  • Easy setup and use
  • Affordable pricing
  • Feature-rich functionality with unlimited usage
  • Fast and responsive customer service

Kiwi Sizing: Help customers choose the right size and come back for more.

5 Best Shopify Apps for Growing your Ecommerce Business

Product size matters and it’s bad business to get them wrong. Kiwi Sizing is a size chart maker that offers customized sizing information for different types of products sold across eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and many more.

Here are top 3 features from Kiwi Sizing to help you grow more content customers:

  • Customized size chart and unit conversion tool: Create professional size charts with flexible layouts that deliver readable size information for your customers. From sizing tables, text, images, and videos, Kiwi Sizing helps you create visual size charts to convert more. If you’re serving international customers, Kiwi Sizing also removes the hassle of manual size calculation with a built-in unit conversion tool. This enables merchants to simplify the size selection process and reduce returns tremendously.  
  • Fit finder based on machine learning: For online clothing shops, personal fit recommendation helps customers find the best suitable size. Kiwi Sizing offers a size recommender tool that uses machine learning to calculate the most appropriate size for individual customers. Shoppers simply need to enter their weight, height, age, etc. and they will receive sizing recommendations within 10 seconds. Moreover, customers will see this fit recommendation on all the product pages they visit afterwards. This is one brilliant way to nurture customers’ trust and confidence in your brand.  
  • Size recommender that can be used for any product: Kiwi Sizing provides merchants a size recommender that basically works for all products! From footwear, pet products, to snowboards and kids' bicycles, everything is measurable. With customized sizing tools, eCommerce owners will have full control over the inputs and recommendation logic without any prior coding knowledge needed. And it’s budget-wise for eCommerce owners to deliver sizing information for diverse products with just one tool.

With visually readable size charts and personal size recommendations like Kiwi Sizing, you can ensure that customers have the best online shopping experience. Try for free today!

CM Commerce: Boost your eCommerce sales with automated email marketing

5 Best Shopify Apps for Growing your Ecommerce Business

Email marketing is not dead! Email users are predicted to amount to 4.3 billion by 2023. CM Commerce helps you send smarter, automated marketing emails to your shoppers based on segmentation. Once integrating the app with Shopify, you’ll get lists of customer profiles with their detailed information such as product preferences and shopping behavior. If you’re running your online shop on other eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce or BigCommerce, CM Commerce is also a great addition.  

With CM Commerce installed, you can expect these top 3 features for a less stressful email marketing.

  • Win back sales in abandoned cart: Shopping cart abandonment is one of the imperative issues for every eCommerce shop to overcome. Mobile users have an even higher cart abandonment rate of 85.65%. With CM Commerce, you can feature the latest product reviews or include last-minute discounts in your cart abandonment recovery email to give your customers a little nudge.
  • Convert your visitors into customers with personalized newsletters: CM Commerce offers easy-to-use theme creator and image editor that allow online business owners to create personalized newsletters to nurture new leads and eventually turn them into paid customers. You can even send follow up emails to drive repeated sales using various automation recipes.
  • Encourage the next purchase with on-brand receipts: CM Commerce lets you brilliantly include cross-sell product reviews, coupon codes, or discounts for the next purchase in the receipt as a subtle reminder to invite them back for a more amazing shopping experience.

Secomapp: Affiliate Marketing: Gain more social proof and increase sales with affiliate marketing.

5 Best Shopify Apps for Growing your Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce marketplace is full of brands fiercely fighting for exposure and customers. Affiliate marketing is the method to promote your brand via collaborations with other businesses, bloggers, or influencers. In fact, 81% of brands are using affiliate marketing programs. Affiliate-related spends also account for higher ROI, taking up 16% of online orders.  

Secomapp is one of the most trusted Shopify apps that’s been adopted for eCommerce affiliate marketing by 1000+ merchants. With Secomapp, you can effortlessly build your brand affiliate team with an accurate tracking process, boost sales revenue, and improve customer engagement altogether.

Below are some of the most important features you can expect to benefit from:.

  • Grow your ambassador team and approach more customers
  • Set up different commission structures and customize your affiliate registration form
  • Track your affiliate performance via links, coupons, custom emails, and more
  • Receive detailed in-app analytics to monitor each affiliate traffic
  • Simplify affiliate payment with Paypal, credit cards, and other options
  • Communicate with your affiliates via in-app chats or bulk email

DSers - Official AliExpress E-Commerce Solution

There are so many dropshipping tools if you search “dropshipping” on Shopify App Store, and you will see that DSers is the top-ranked official AliExpress dropshipping solution, with over 4,400 5-star reviews. Being AliExpress official partner, DSers is whitelisted by AliExpress which means that you can place an unlimited number of orders to AliExpress in seconds without restriction.

DSers is dedicated to helping dropshippers grow AliExpress dropshipping business and manage & scale online stores among Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce stores with only one click to switch among your multiple stores on the same page. You can always find better, cheaper, and trustworthy suppliers for your online stores. DSers also offers great up-to-date blogs and articles related to small businesses and dropshipping ranging from marketing tips to e-commerce guides.

7 Best Shopify Apps for Growing your Ecommerce Business

DSers free version includes key features as follows:

  • Supplier Optimizer: One-click to filter out the most proper suppliers for your products on sale
  • Bulk Order: Place 100s of orders to AliExpress in a few seconds
  • Variants Mapping: Map your store products to any AliExpress supplier without changing anything on your store
  • Stock Management: Auto-update of product stock from AliExpress to DSers and your store
  • Shipping Settings: Pre-select your favorite shipping method according to the order destination
  • Automatic Pricing: Pre-set Pricing Rule to mark-up your product price automatically when you publish them
  • Multiple Stores Management: Link and manage multiple stores in one DSers account

For more handy and advanced features of DSers, you can go to the official website to know the details and learn more about its pricing plans for Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce.

5 Best Shopify Apps for Growing your Ecommerce Business

The faster a customer finds their desired product, the faster they will place an order. Shopify Product Filter & Search app is designed to help customers make efficient and accurate purchases within seconds. Shopify owners can create advanced filter menus and options for shoppers based on color, vendor, price, stock availability, and more. You can even use smart full-text search, combined with autosuggest predictive search to show the most relevant products and lead to better sales. When customers search for a particular product, you can upsell the chosen product in search results or use the targeted keyword to show more relevant products. Most importantly, the app will save the user device’s search history for faster navigation and accelerate shoppers’ check out time.

Other powerful features you can benefit from Product Filter & Search include:

  • Comprehensive analytics of collection filter & search to understand users’ site behavior and future optimization
  • Create consist brand style that accommodate all screen sizes
  • Supports multi-language translation and currency compatibility
  • Integrate with over 40 thirty party apps and real-time product synchronization
  • Get the ultimate page speed of <150ms/ 100k products in each category

These are the best 5 Shopify apps that we recommend to grow your eCommerce business. And Shopify offers a lot more to cater to different needs. Therefore, we recommend you to make a list of goals you want to achieve and match them with the apps that best suit your needs. The sky’s really the limit when it comes to eCommerce stores.

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Kiwi Sizing is an e-commerce plugin to help solve the sizing problems for online shopping. Over 40% of online clothing returns are due to sizes. Kiwi Sizing is designed to make sizing easy by offering stylish size charts and easy-to-use fit recommenders that let shoppers know what is the best size to purchase. We help improve conversions, cut down on returns, and lower the needs for customer support.

We are trusted by thousands of Shopify stores with over 400 5-star reviews. Try it now for free and start reducing unnecessary returns.