August 2018 Updates: improved template editor, injection preview, and more

Deb Mukherjee

Deb Mukherjee

Last updated on September 20, 2022

The team has brought some fresh summer updates! We are committed to make sizing charts even easier to create and maintain.

One feedback we have gotten is that the template system isn’t as robust as the regular sizing editor. People often relied on cloning size chart to speed up their workflow. Cloning is useful when creating new size charts but having so many size charts can be a nightmare when you make changes and try to keep them consistent.

Here are some of the template improvements:

  • Revamped look of template editor
    As you can see from the screenshot, template editor now looks exactly like the sizing chart editor where preview is on the right and content editing is on the left. It should be much more easy to use!
Kiwi Sizing - Sizing plugin for Shopify and e-commerce platforms
  • Support sizing tables in template
    Previously, template only support images & text layout block. It wasn’t possible to create tables within which many shops have asked for. Now, you can add the table layout block in a template.
  • Create template from existing sizing
    Sometimes, you created a sizing and realized you want to apply the same layout to other sizings. This means you had to redo the work to create a template. Now you can simply click on “Create from current sizing” to instantly create a template based on your current sizing layout!
Kiwi Sizing - Sizing plugin for Shopify and e-commerce platforms

We have also made a few other improvements in the app:

  • Adding new ways to filter
    We noticed that as some shops have created over hundreds of sizings, it become more difficult to look for the right size chart to update. We have added more filtering options on the dashboard to filter by publish status & template.
Kiwi Sizing - Sizing plugin for Shopify and e-commerce platforms
Kiwi Sizing - Sizing plugin for Shopify and e-commerce platforms
  • Publish or unpublish multiple sizings

Some shops may have created a bunch of unpublished size charts before launching the shop and then upgraded to premium plan. They had to publish each sizing one by one which is extremely time consuming. Now, you can just update many all at once!

  • Sizing injection preview

Figuring out how to change the location of the size charts on product page has always been the #1 question we have received. We have added a useful link under injection selector that will open a product page and display an example size chart so you can see right away how the app looks.

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