How to do Content Marketing?

Quality content is an indispensable element of great marketing tactics. In this article, we will introduce some content marketing strategies which are beneficial to increase sales, save costs, and even improve customer loyalty!
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Last updated on September 20, 2022

Running an e-commerce business is never a simple matter. No matter what stages you are in, there are always various challenges. One of the most pressing topics is  “How to reach more potential customers with the least budget.” We are going to share with you some strategies to reach more prospect more effectively.

What is Content Marketing?

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” Content Marketing Institute

With the valuable information, it will cultivate the customers’ brand preference and loyalty because the brand offers relevant and valuable information. Eventually, those customer relationships can turn into some form of sales, which is the ultimate goal.

What is the Difference between Content Marketing & Advertising?

Advertising tends to be focused on driving sales in the short term by promoting certain products or services to a potential audience. On the other hand, content marketing tends to be more relationship-driven rather than business-driven. Different from advertising which emphasizes short-term performance improvement, the goal of content marketing is to build long-term brand trust.

By investing in content marketing, the brand will gradually improve its search visibility online, and customers are more likely to discover the brand’s products or services organically, which would indirectly lower marketing costs. Here’s a great quote from Deb Mukherjee, ex-HoM, at Staytuned.

Content marketing is stems from the art of producing and distributing content that helps a business scale sustainably without much reliance on paid media.

Deb Mukherjee

This is why for a business with a long term vision, it’s important to invest both in short term and long term focused goals. Relying solely on advertising may drive sales in the short term, but would also be impacted the most whenever ads spend lowers. Therefore, investing an appropriate amount of time on creating good content can help with longer-term performance.

Common methods of Content Marketing

Depending on the type of industry and audience, different types of content marketing methods will be more appropriate and effective. Usually, E-commerce stores mainly run blogs and contents targeting social media. However, you have a video team or experience producing videos, then you can try more creative form of contents like IG stories, short videos, live video, etc. Other types of business like B2B would often use white paper to raise the service’s leading position in that market.

This article will primarily focus on blogs as a form of content marketing methods. We are glad to introduce more other content marketing strategies to you in the future.

How to Start Blog Content Marketing?


Step 1 – Strategy & Plan

  • Establish a general direction and plan purpose-oriented strategies
  • Set the target audience and understand the purchase journey of these target audiences

Step 2 – Create & Quality

  • Content planning should meet the concerns of the target audience
  • Produce the content in an organized way
  • Content quality management must be authentic

Step 3 – Channels

  • Choosing the right promotion channel can save more effort
  • Finding the right opinion leaders can greatly increase the authority and credibility of the content

Step 4 – Measurement & Verification

  • Evaluate relevant performance indicators to examine the effect
  • Verify that the goal has been achieved and the direction planning is correct or not

Step 5 ─ Optimization

  • Find problems from the verification result
  • Solve problems and optimize content step by step


When evaluating the effectiveness of content marketing, the most common mistake is to rush to review the revenue impact within a short period just after the effort started. This kind of thinking is the main reason for the failure of content management because unless you somehow created a viral content, the impact of a typical content marketing efforts is realized in the longer term.

Remember that content marketing does not only require long-term operations but also need to accumulate valuable content continually and patiently over time. Once you started content marketing effort like a blog, make sure to start accumulating information of your readers, so you can take advantage or future promotions to boost sales in the future.

Examples of Blog Content Marketing

  • Sharing of celebrities wearing: The Journal
  • Offers the appropriate content according to the products’ attributes: The Cleanest Line
  • Enrichs the completeness of content with guest columnists’ sharing: AO Life

That’s it for content marketing. While we know this is a long term effort, we highly recommend you to get started now and reap the benefit in the long run. You will gradually notice the number of organic visitors visiting your shop, which means lower marketing costs and better margins over time!

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