Email Marketing part 2: how to do it effectively?

We have previously touched on the importance of having a solid digital marketing strategy to driver better sale and margin for your business. Here we want to share the tactical: how do you measure digital marketing effectiveness and employ it properly.
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Last updated on September 20, 2022

In the previous article, we focus on introduce what is email marketing and why is it important?

In this article, we want to share the tactical: how do you measure digital marketing effectiveness and employ it properly.

How to measure the result of email marketing

Email Marketing part 2: how to do it effectively?
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It is important to monitor the performance of your email marketing campaign and make improvements every time. The following five indicators are your reference to determine how well your campaign is performing, and how you can make adjustments accordingly.


Your deliverability rate is the number of emails that made it successfully to the target recipient’s email.

Open rate

Open rate is a key indicator for the whole email marketing campaign, since the higher your open rate is, the more potential customers see your message. It usually depends on the subject whether it’s attractive enough.


Click-Through-Rate is used to observe whether the content in the email meets the consumer’s expectation and stimulates the consumer to click and shop at the website. Placing 3 to 5 call-to-action buttons in one email is recommended. Too many buttons will overwhelm the recipients, too few will make it difficult to measure the effectiveness.

Bounce Rate

If the bounce rate is too high, it means that your email list is not of good quality, such as a consumer having entered the wrong information. You need to monitor the bounce rate regularly and optimize the list.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate represents the percentage of actual anticipated actions from consumers, such as making a purchase, registering as a member, or becoming a lead. After sending out a few emails, you can observe and track the actual purchases made by the customers in this group. Generally speaking, the conversion rate of special offer emails is higher than product launch emails.

How to create an effective marketing email

The content of each email can vary greatly depending on your operational needs. If you want to start conducting email marketing, you can refer to the following key points to elevate the efficiency of email marketing before sending your emails!

Email Marketing part 2: how to do it effectively?

Subjects and topics

Setting a precise, engaging subject will not only affect your open letter rate but will also allow recipients to quickly grasp the purpose of your email and ensure that they are focused on what you want to communicate. Talking about too many unrelated topics in one email not only makes this communication difficult but also gives your recipients an unpleasant experience.

Design in compliance with the brand image

Email content, including layout, color scheme, icons, logo, button shapes, etc. should all be in line with the spirit of the brand to make the customer’s experience consistent. At the same time, the visual design should be responsive to mobile, desktop, and tablet devices when previewing emails.

Logical context and well-defined Call to Action

Through the design of the email structure, there should be a beginning and an end, with sections, headings, and bullet points to let readers know the points of this email. And the content should be designed to follow the flow of reading, clearly showing what to expect next, so that customers can handle the content comfortably. Most importantly, don’t send an email without a call to action button, especially if you want to direct the consumer to the website and make a purchase.  

Experiment. Experiment. Experiment

We can ever stress enough the importance of testing because you never really know how a certain design or content play out in the wild. You could only come up with a set of reasonable combinations, and test them out. Let the data do the talking, and pick the winners. Rinse and repeat then you will eventually have a solid automated marketing strategy in place.

Please also note that you have to make sure that your customers have agreed that you could contact them via email and compliant with GDPR.

Do you find the above basic information about email marketing helpful?

In the future, we will also share more about how to improve the performance of email marketing for e-commerce owners, such as increasing the open rate and click-through rate, in the hope that we can help you boost sales through more diversified marketing approaches!

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