How to Measure Inseam on Shorts?

To measure the inseam for shorts, you can either wear it or lay it flat on a surface. Then, with a flexible tape measure, you go from the crotch to the bottom of the hemline.
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Last updated on December 12, 2022

If you’re in the market for a new pair of shorts, it’s important to ensure that they fit properly. One key measurement to consider is the inseam, which can affect the overall comfort and fit of the shorts.

In this article, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions for measuring the inseam on your shorts, as well as tips for getting the most accurate measurement.

With the right inseam length, your shorts will feel comfortable and look great all summer long. So grab a measuring tape and let’s get started!

Steps to measure the inseam on shorts

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick bullet list of the steps to measure the inseam on shorts. 

  • Collect materials (well-fitting shorts, measuring tape)
  • Put on the shorts and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Measure the distance between the top of the crotch and the bottom of the hem.
  • Make a note of the measurement in inches or centimeters.
  • Use the measurement to decide what size shorts to buy.

Step 1: Find an existing pair of shorts that fits you well

Gather a pair of well-fitting shorts and a measuring tape before you begin. It’s critical to use well-fitting shorts to get the most accurate measurement.

Step 2: Put on the shorts or lay them flat on a table

Laying shorts flat on the table
Laying shorts flat on the table

Put on the shorts and tweak them for a suitable fit once your materials are ready. Adjust the leg openings as needed to ensure the waistline sits properly on your hips (here’s a quick guide to measuring your hips). You may also place them on the table flat.

Step 3: Measure from the crotch to the hem

Measure from the crotch to the end of the hemline
Measure from the crotch to the end of the hemline

Take the measuring tape and place one end at the crotch. Run the tape down the inside of your leg, following the shape of your leg, until you reach the hem.

Step 4: Record the measurement

It’s now time to record the measurement. Not the inseam length as per the measuring tape in inches or centimeters. This is your shorts inseam measurement which you may use to decide the correct size of shorts to buy.

If you prefer watching a video, here’s a quick Youtube short video that will walk you through the steps.

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Tips for getting the most accurate inseam measurement

  1. Wear the same type of underwear you plan to wear with the shorts:
    • The underwear you wear can have an impact on how well your shorts fit.
    • Wear the same underwear you want to wear with the shorts to achieve the most accurate measurement.
  1. Have someone else take the measurement for you:
    • Taking an exact measurement by oneself might be tricky.
    • For best results, seek the assistance of a friend or family member in taking the measurement.
  1. Use a size chart or sizing guide provided by the retailer:
    • Many online businesses offer size charts or sizing recommendations to assist clients in determining the proper fit.
    • Use these tools to assist you in determining the correct size depending on your inseam measurement.
  1. Check the return policy:
    • When purchasing online, it’s critical to understand the retailer’s return policy.
    • If the shorts do not fit as intended, make sure you understand the return process and any costs that may apply.

Keep in mind that different brands and styles may have somewhat varying measurements, so it’s always a good idea to follow the retailer’s size chart or sizing guide.

Get the perfect inseam measurement for shorts

Say goodbye to ill-fitting shorts and hello to the perfect pair every time you buy! With the right inseam measurement, you can ensure that your shorts fit comfortably and flatter your figure.

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