How to Measure Your Hips?

Getting your hip measurement right can make a big difference in how your pants fit. So to find the pants that accentuate your body, follow this article for the steps to measure your hips.
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Last updated on February 20, 2023

Hip measurement is important for the perfect fitting clothes. Just like torso measurement is for tops and tees, hip-width measurement is necessary when finding the right jeans, trousers, or even skirts.

How to measure hip width? (QUICK STEPS)

  • Start by removing any outer clothing that may interfere with the measurement.
  • Stand with your feet close together
  • Wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your hips
  • Keep the tape in a straight line to ensure accuracy
  • Record the measurement.

How to measure your hips?

If you prefer to watch a video, here’s a short 1 min clip that walks you through the process of measuring your hips.

Step 1: Remove outer clothing or wear body-fit clothes

To get the perfect fit, start by removing any outer clothing you may be wearing. If that isn’t convenient, you can wear body-fitting clothes like yoga pants.

Step 2: Stand with your feet close to each other

Now stand straight with your feet perfectly close to each other. This accentuates your hips and will help you take a better, more accurate measurement of the full size of your hips.

Step 3: Wrap the flexible tape measure around

With your feet close, wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your hips to get the perfect measurement. If you’re measuring yourself, it would be a good idea to measure twice to ensure accuracy. You may also want to check in a mirror to ensure that the tape measure is in line.

If you have help, do ask the other person to check if the tape measure is perfectly in line when you are taking the hip measurement.

Please note, the tape measure should fit snugly around your natural hips. Do not pull the tape measure since you may end up with uncomfortable pair of pants.

Step 4: Record the measurement in inches and centimeters

Different countries and brands use different measurement systems. So take the measurements in both inches and centimeters. This will help you have the information handy when you’re buying your perfect pair of pants or bottoms.

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Tips for the perfect hip measurement

  1. If possible, get down to your underwear for the measurement. If not, wear something that snugly fits your bottoms like yoga pants.
  2. Do not pull the tape measure as that will give you a smaller measurement.
  3. Hips are measured at the widest part of your body below your waist. This measurement does not include your stomach or your waist.

FAQs about hip measurement

Where should the hip measurement be taken from?

Hips should be measured at the widest part of the hips—around your bottom. The measurement should not be taken from your waist where you naturally put your hands on your hips.

How is accurate measurement of the hip achieved?

To get accurate hip measurements, you must either get down to your underwear or have body-fitting clothes like yoga pants on. Then measure around the widest part of your hips without pulling the tape measure too tight. This will give you the most accurate measurement and the confidence to buy your perfect-fitting pair of pants.

Does hip measurement include the stomach?

No, hip measurement does not include the stomach as hips are measured well below your stomach. The measurements are taken for the widest part of your hips.

Why is hip measurement important?

Hip measurement is important for getting the perfect fitting pants. Along with that, you may also need to measure the hips when you’re calculating the waist-to-hips-ratio.

What is the waist-to-hip ratio or WHR?

WHR is a measure of the circumference of your waist divided by the circumference of your hips. It is used as an indicator of health and helps identify any potential health risks early on for both men and women. A WHR of 0.8 or less is considered healthy for women while a 1 or lesser WHR is good for men.

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