How to Size Overalls

Here’s how to size overalls for a relaxed and comfortable fit. Visit Kiwi Sizing to learn more about our sizing tools and their benefits.
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Last updated on June 17, 2024

Whether for work or play, knowing how to size overalls is key to a comfortable fit. When it comes to sizing, this item of clothing can be a bit tricky when compared to traditional pants due to additional elements, such as the bib. 

Online retailers must ensure their customers can find apparel in the correct size, and overalls are no exception. Here are a few key points to consider when it comes to the best practices for sizing overalls. 

Overalls vs. Jumpsuits vs. Coveralls

How to Size Overalls

Before diving into how overalls are sized, retailers should first understand the differences between overalls and other types of apparel. While many people refer to these garments interchangeably, there are some important distinctions to consider:

  • Overalls – Overalls feature pants attached to a bib. The bib remains intact thanks to two straps that go over the shoulders. Arms are usually left bare. 
  • Jumpsuits – Unlike overalls, jumpsuits include arm coverings, meaning that a single garment consists of both pants and a shirt. 
  • Coveralls – While coveralls and jumpsuits feature the same design, coveralls are often reserved as workplace attire. Accordingly, they’re typically made from sturdier materials. 

Much like overalls, sizing for jumpsuits and coveralls can be challenging thanks to the specialized designs of these garments. 

Should Overalls Be a Size Bigger?

Overall sizes don’t necessarily match pants sizes. For instance, many clothing manufacturers recommend purchasing overalls in a size that’s two inches larger than whatever size of pants a person normally wears. 

Increasing the size of overalls is important for two reasons. First, it provides room for any garments worn underneath the overalls. Second, it ensures a comfy fit for the garment. Overall bibs should be a bit loose, so a larger size is usually necessary to achieve the correct fit. 

How Do Overall Sizes Work?

How Do Overall Sizes Work

Accurately sizing a pair of overalls requires taking several bodily measurements:

  • Bust/Chest
  • Waist
  • Hips (for women’s garments)
  • Inseam

These distinct measurements ensure the garment fits correctly on all areas of the body. Keep in mind that different measurements can correspond to various letter sizes. For instance, a woman with a 31.5-inch waist will typically need medium overalls. In the event that a manufacturer uses numerical sizes, a medium typically translates to sizes ranging from 10 to 12. 

Accordingly, Verywell Fit offers some helpful tips when taking body measurements:

  • Take measurements when naked or while wearing tight clothing for accuracy
  • Repeat measurements twice to ensure the first number is correct
  • Don’t pull the measuring tape too tightly across the body

Sizing Considerations When Shopping Online

Many consumers these days do their clothes shopping online. As a result, they lack the opportunity to try on garments prior to buying them. To avoid returns, which can rack up costs for clothing retailers, online brands must offer sizing solutions. 

In this case, digital sizing tools can help shoppers find the correct size easily and efficiently. A more convenient shopping process means greater customer satisfaction, but it can also increase the number of returning customers, which is a key aspect of success. 

Never Second-Guess Sizing Again

With Kiwi Sizing, your customers won’t find themselves wondering how to size overalls when shopping on your site. Our size recommenders and charts make online clothes shopping easier than ever, which ensures plenty of repeat business. Please contact us today for more information. We’re looking forward to speaking with you!

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