March 2021: Give collaborator access!

One big feature update is being able to invite collaborators!
Deb Mukherjee

Deb Mukherjee

Last updated on September 20, 2022

Have we finished March already? This year is certainly flying by.

One big feature update last month is being able to invite collaborators!

Go to settings > Account, and you will see a new section for “Collaborator accounts”. You can add as many email as you want with granular permission and expiration time so you can reliably outsource your size chart creation task to virtual agents.

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To reduce the return rate after a successful sale, we also recommend that you can create a size chart with unit conversion to make your customers pick the unit they are most comfortable to think in to make a purchase decision.

Or use Kiwi Sizing AI Size Recommender as a size chart tool. It will recommend the most suitable size of products for customers to reduce return rate, help you decrease the cost of the return, and to create a positive cycle of your e-commerce business.

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