New to Shopify? 5 must-have apps to make your shop a success!

When shop owners decide to start selling on Shopify, many of them don’t know where or how to get started on the platform. This article will share 5 different Shopify apps we believe are indispensable for operating your new online business and help you quickly become an e-commerce pro!
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Last updated on September 20, 2022

Shopify is a full-featured e-commerce platform with intuitive to use shop owner interfaces and offers solutions from managing products, payments, shipping and even marketing activities. With over millions of shops already using the platform, Shopify is the best place to start a new online store, whether it’s for setting up your new business or give your brick and mortar store an online presence.

In addition to providing core commerce features, Shopify also offers a third-party app store where you can install over thousands of apps to further customize your business and maximize success.

Below are the five indispensable Shopify apps we believe will help you maximize performance, speed up the product listing process, and increase customer satisfaction. We strongly recommend that you try installing these apps as soon as you have opened your store!

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Plug in SEO

After setting up your e-commerce store, the most important next step is to increase traffic to your store to encourage spending. Besides using paid advertisements, leveraging organic search results on Google and other search engines will be important. This is where Plug in SEO steps in. This helpful tool scans your store and provides suggestions for adjustments you should make for search result optimization, such as recommendations for your store name and optimal store content layout.

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Tidio Live Chat

Great customer support is crucial for every online business. While support via email or contact forms is nice most customers these days expect speedy replies to their questions while browsing your shop. This is often a missed sale opportunity with potential customers.

With Tidio Live Chat, you can easily set up a live chat widget on your Shopify store in less than 30 seconds. Now customers can easily reach you with one click of a button. You can also get all your live chat, e-mail, and even FB Messenger communication in a single Tidio panel, greatly improving the overhead of managing different customer support places.

For common questions, you can even also set up chat bots to give automatic responses, making your customer support available 24/7. With better customer support, you will no longer lose potential customers who decided to go elsewhere because they couldn’t get their questions answered.

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Kiwi Sizing: Size Chart & Recommender

It’s finally time to get rid of the outdated paper system of creating impractical size charts. Thanks to the integration of Kiwi Sizing with Shopify, when creating product size charts you can quickly connect corresponding products and eliminate the need to upload tons of photos of different sizes. Let customers browse more easily and, as an added bonus, enjoy sleeker and more aesthetically appealing product pages!

Creating size charts has never been easier than with Kiwi Sizing. Keeping in mind that not all customers are accustomed to the same sizing units, Kiwi Sizing was created with the capability of automatically converting between units to allow customers from different countries to choose the correctly sized products for them.

In addition, Kiwi Sizing also offers a size recommender tool. All a customer would need to do is to input their basic information such as height and weight in order to get a recommended size fit for them – no bust or hip measurement needed! This tool has proven to be useful in improving sales and reducing returns for merchants carrying various brands of apparel in their stores, and is often used by merchants who were previously experiencing customer sizing problems.

By providing shoppers with a comprehensive size chart and automated fit recommendation, Kiwi Sizing can also lower the burden of your customer support needs. Customers will be more likely to purchase the correct size on the first try and so you’ll get to see a reduction in operational costs for handling returns and exchanges. Give Kiwi Sizing a try, and experience more efficient and streamlined operations for your business!

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Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Building a loyal customer base and generating repeat customers is a challenge for every e-commerce merchant. Because it requires a lot of planning, many merchants overlook the importance of establishing customer loyalty. Now, with the introduction of Smile there’s no longer an excuse! This helpful tool helps you set up various promotional programs for your shop, including membership point management, recommendation mechanisms, and VIP plans. You can choose what and when to reward customers. You can also pair this app with external tools such as MailChimp, HubSpot, etc. to help you automate processes, cultivate customer loyalty, increase the number of items purchased per customer, and improve overall shop performance!

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Yotpo: Product & Photo Reviews

These days, it’s said that the best form of advertising is by word of mouth. In recent years, many people have grown accustomed to checking out other customers’ reviews before deciding to purchase a product from a new store. In order to help potential customers feel confident about making their first purchase, it’s important that e-commerce merchants display full customer reviews.

Yotpo offers a plugin mechanism that allows the most highly rated content to be automatically displayed on your product page. When customers share unboxing photos and videos on Instagram, Yotpo can also automatically pull and display those content on your product page. Merchants can also review customers’ comments and reply either publicly or privately.

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At the beginning of 2021 , Yotpo launched the Ultimate eCommerce Product Page Guide, featuring insights from 19 top subject matter experts in the eComm industry. Here is the article about Bringing the In-person Experience Online With Technology, click the link below find more:

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We have outlined above our most recommended apps for merchants just starting out on Shopify, and will be on the lookout for more tools that can help simplify operations and allow e-commerce merchants to take more control of their business. If there are any other apps that you’re using, please leave a message and let us know your thoughts and suggestions. We’ll be sure to test out the app and share our findings with you!

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Kiwi Sizing is an e-commerce plugin to help solve the sizing problems for online shopping. Over 40% of online clothing returns are due to sizes. Kiwi Sizing is designed to make sizing easy by offering stylish size charts and easy-to-use fit recommenders that let shoppers know what is the best size to purchase. We help improve conversions, cut down on returns, and lower the needs for customer support.

We are trusted by thousands of Shopify stores with over 400 5-star reviews. Try it now for free and start reducing unnecessary returns.

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