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November 2020: Integration with Vajro

A big update the past month is our integration with Vajro, one of the most popular mobile app builders for Shopify stores. With this integration, now once you set up size charts in Kiwi Sizing and have a Vajro-powered mobile shop app, then size charts will automatically appear on the product page, leveraging the same product matching conditions and layout you see on the website.

November 2020: Integration with Vajro

See how it's like in a video demo!  

Based on the newest research, consumers now spend more money and time shopping on mobile vs desktop. But websites on mobile often deliver a subpar experience. This is why a mobile app for your brand can be important.

Vajro can help you create an IOS or Android mobile app from your Shopify store easily. It offers live video shopping experience, comes with more than a dozen beautiful templates, shows personalized push notifications with images, videos, and gifs, and automatically puts the product in the cart when your user takes a photo of their desired item.

Take a look at their website and you'll be just as impressed as we were with their packed feature list - it is clear they truly care about good customer experience and constantly innovate.

Here at Kiwi Sizing, we truly resonate with their mission and we are very excited for this integration & partnership together.

If you're interested to try out, Vajro also offers 60 day free trial

Other Updates for November

  • Added common size chart templates
November 2020: Integration with Vajro
  • Added Hijack injection option to use existing link or button to open size chart pop-ups

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