15 Must-Have BigCommerce Apps for Marketing Success | Part I: The Must-Haves

BigCommerce is becoming one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. Here are five app integrations all merchants should use to get the most out of it.
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Last updated on September 20, 2022

BigCommerce has become the rising star of eCommerce platforms in the last few years. It was ranked as one of the best-performing IPOs in 2021 after going public in August 2020, and its user base is expanding rapidly. It’s now the platform of choice for many major brands, including Ben & Jerry’s, SkullCandy, Black Diamond, and more.

BigCommerce offers a wide range of built-in features to meet the needs of eCommerce business owners, and it also gives them the freedom to expand functionalities through app integrations. We’ve gathered a list of the top fifteen most useful BigCommerce app integrations eCommerce merchants should be using, and we’ve divided them into three categories: Must-HavesMarketing, and Advanced Tools. In this article, let’s dig into the first five integrations: The “must-haves.”

#1. Shogun Page Builder

To start selling online, you need a compelling and easy-to-navigate website that can effectively  convert visitors into customers. Shogun Page Builder makes building a high-quality “e-storefront” easy, thanks to plenty of available templates and a drag-and-drop builder. Currently, more than 18,000 active stores across the world run on Shogun, including famous brands such as FILA, Timbuk2, and K-SWISS.

Key Features

  • A no-code, drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create a customized site
  • An A/B testing feature to help you figure out which design is more appealing to your customers, so you can increase conversions
  • A visual analytics suite where you can monitor sales, add-to-cart rates, bounce rates, session durations, and form submissions


Shogun does not offer a free version. Its paid plans for BigCommerce users start at $49 USD per month. This basic plan includes features like page builders, templates, and SEO controls. The price goes up to $349 USD per month for full access to all features.

#2. Bolt Checkout

To build a successful online store, a fast, smooth checkout process is essential. If your shop’s checkout process could use some work, Bolt Checkout can help. It offers a one-click checkout interface, which makes many complicated payment problems disappear and allows customers to pay without hassle. Bolt can be integrated with BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce, and is now used by companies like Forever 21, MUJI, and other major apparel brands.

Key Features

  • A one-click checkout interface that creates a seamless buying experience for your customers, whether they’re on desktop or mobile
  • Merchants Analytics that help you understand and track your online sales data on a single dashboard
  • Fraud detection to protect your business from chargebacks and other issues


Bolt doesn’t offer a free trial or free version. Their pricing model also isn’t listed on their website. To find out more about the cost to use Bolt, contact their sales team.

#3. Shipstation

You’re not quite in the clear once a customer has placed an order with your shop; you still have to ship their item and make sure it arrives as promised. If not, your brand’s credibility and reviews can take a hit. With Shipstation, you can manage all your orders in one place and confirm each step of the process to ensure problem-free shipping and satisfied customers.

Key Features

  • An interface that lets you manage all orders—even from multiple marketplaces—in one place
  • The ability to create branded shipping labels, custom confirmation emails, and packing slips
  • A custom returns portal with your brand colors and logo that’s available for customers in the US, Canada, and the UK


Shipstation offers all types of plans, from $9 USD per month to $159 USD per month, depending on how many shipments you have in a thirty-day period (from 50 to 10,000). They generously offer a 30-day free trial for interested users.

#4. Kiwi Sizing

Statistics show that about 50% of online apparel returns are due to sizing issues. That’s why it’s critical to be able to provide the right size to customers the first time, so you can drastically cut your return rate and the associated costs. Integrating a helpful and accurate sizing chart is the best way to do this. One highly rated option is Kiwi Sizing, a leading size-chart app with over 12,000 active installs globally and a five-star rating. Three effective, easy-to-use features make Kiwi Sizing stand out: Sizing Fit Recommenders, Advanced Sizing Tables, and Automatic Unit Conversion.

Key Features

  • Three different types of Size Recommenders, so you can integrate the one that’s most effective for the specific products you sell
  • An AI-based engine where customers can simply enter information about their body type and get the accurate size
  • Customized sizing charts for all sorts of products, from apparel to specialty sports gear, with automatic unit conversions for international customers
  • A robust analytics dashboard that helps you understand how customers are using your tools, so you can optimize your sizing charts accordingly to boost sales


Kiwi Sizing offers a free version of the app, which comes with two fully customizable size charts and an automatic unit converter. The premium plans start at $7.49 USD per month and offer more advanced size recommenders and analytics. The monthly price can go up to $300+ USD, according to the number of views. Free trials are also available for upgraded plans.

Take a look at more BigCommerce size chart apps to see all your options.

#5. Re:Amaze

Directly interacting with your customers throughout the sales process will help make sure they’re satisfied with their experience. It can also provide you with valuable feedback that will help your business grow. Re:Amaze offers a suite of tools to help you have these conversations with customers and provide great service through live chat, contact forms, and more.

Key Features

  • A live chat feature that includes a chatbox and default messages to respond to your customers
  • Re:Amaze Live, which lets you can track and message customers in real time
  • Targeted push notification campaigns to help you increase engagement and boost sales


Re:Amaze provides a 14-day free trial. After that, pricing starts at $29 USD per team member per month for the Basic plan, and goes up to $69 USD per team member per month for the most advanced plan with all available features.

Grow your BigCommerce store with these five essential apps

Each of these five must-have apps will bring different benefits to your eCommerce business, from boosting sales to creating a loyal customer base. In the next article of this series, we’ll share five more BigCommerce apps that will help you specifically with marketing your eCommerce store to a wider audience.

Now, read about the next five BigCommerce apps we recommend, all of which are designed to help improve your marketing.

Kiwi Sizing is an e-commerce plugin to help solve the sizing problems for online shopping. Over 40% of online clothing returns are due to sizes. Kiwi Sizing is designed to make sizing easy by offering stylish size charts and easy-to-use fit recommenders that let shoppers know what is the best size to purchase. We help improve conversions, cut down on returns, and lower the needs for customer support.

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