15 Must-Have BigCommerce Apps for Marketing Success | Part III: Advanced Tools

BigCommerce sellers: Here are the last five of our top 15 apps you should be using. These are for more advanced optimization of your shop.
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Last updated on September 20, 2022

BigCommerce users: If you’re not taking advantage of the many apps and integrations this platform offers, you’re missing out! That’s why we’ve rounded up our top 15 recommended BigCommerce apps. In the first article of this series, we covered the five must-haves. In the second, we talked about five apps that are great for marketing. Now, let’s discuss our final five app recommendations, which are designed for more advanced eCommerce store optimization.

#11. Optimizely

Optimizely offers functionalities for almost everything you can think of related to eCommerce marketing. Its services include content generation, search, personalization, built-in A/B testing, analytics, marketing automation, and much more. It’s trusted by world-class corporations including Salesforce, eBay, and New Era.

Key Features

  • Content Cloud, which helps you create beautiful content that’s easy to share across multiple channels
  • Commerce Cloud, a suite of tools that uses AI to help you deliver personalized experiences for your customers
  • Intelligence Cloud, which can predict user behavior and run experiments using AI, data, and machine learning


Optimizely doesn’t display their pricing model on their website. Instead, they encourage businesses to request a demo. Optimizely is not on the BigCommerce App platform, but you can integrate it with your BigCommerce store by following this guide.  

#12. Yotpo Product Reviews

As an eCommerce merchant, you know how crucial online ratings and reviews are for your business. Yotpo helps online stores like yours get more organic product reviews, user-generated photos and videos, and Q&As. That way, you can increase traffic, build credibility, and boost sales as a result.

Key Features

  • In-mail forms, which enable customers to submit their reviews right within the body of review-request emails
  • An easy way to collect and display user-generated photos, which will help potential consumers trust your site and brand
  • An SEO boost in the form of Rich Snippets, Google Seller Ratings, and Product Listing Ads


The basic Yotpo plan is free. The paid plans start at $19 USD per month and offer extra helpful tools such as ​​Google Snippets, coupons and email upsells, and more.

#13. Justuno

Just getting traffic to your eCommerce website isn’t enough. You need to engage and convert visitors from there, and that’s where Justuno comes in. It’s an all-in-one marketing tool that focuses on conversion marketing and analytics. Use it to engage visitors at the right touch points with tools like email pop-ups and website messaging.

Key Features

  • Email pop-ups for your website so you can build your email list quickly
  • Coupon codes to convert visitors into customers and save abandoned shopping carts
  • Targeting and segmentation tools, so you can target audiences based on their shopping behaviors, and A/B test your copy, design, and offers for better results


Justuno offers basic plans that run between $25 and $80 USD per month, which can be billed monthly or annually. To get pricing for their premium plans, you’ll need to speak with the sales team.

#14. Lucky Orange

To adjust your website to better meet your audience’s needs, you need to understand their behavior. With Lucky Orange, you can get a thorough overview of what motivates your site visitors so you can optimize for more conversions.

Key Features

  • Session recordings that help you understand the shopping journey of visitors to your site, so you can optimize the conversion funnel
  • Dynamic heatmaps that let you see what encourages shoppers to make a purchase on your site, and what deters them
  • Surveys that let you gather direct feedback from your site’s visitors so you can improve it


Lucky Orange’s Starter Plan is only $10 USD per month for websites that have less than 25,000 monthly pageviews. More advanced plans cost up to $100 USD per month. You can also contact Lucky Orange directly to learn about your options for custom plans.

#15. LiveChat + Customer Insight

Let’s say a shopper is looking to make a purchase with you, but they have a question that needs answering first. Getting a response from a live customer-service rep is the best way to get them to convert. LiveChat makes it easy for your team to have real-time conversations with users while they’re on the site, making them more likely to buy immediately after getting their question answered.

Key Features

  • Chat invitations that let you initiate a conversation with qualified shoppers so you can provide real-time service and drive them toward a conversion
  • Product recommendations in the chatbox so you can automatically suggest appealing items to your customers
  • Cart-content previews, which let you see see what the user has already added to their cart, so you can answer questions or give additional recommendations immediately


LiveChat offers a few different plans ranging from $16 to $50 USD per month, depending on whether they offer basic or advanced features. They also provide a 14-day free trial with Team Plan features.

Take advantage of BigCommerce apps to optimize your business

There you have it: the last five of our top 15 BigCommerce apps. Spend some time experimenting with these top-rated integrations to find the ones that are most effective for your store. With the right suite of tools, you can grow your eCommerce store into the thriving business you’ve been dreaming of.

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