Email Marketing part 1: What is it and why is it important?

In this article, we will focus on email marketing, one of the most effective digital marketing tool for your business.
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Last updated on September 20, 2022

The field of digital marketing covers a wide range of expertise, from community management to landing page design, but the core elements of digital marketing are to engage with consumers, track data, and continuously optimize marketing strategies to increase sales at the end. In this article, we will focus on one of the most effective digital marketing methods: email marketing.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing refers to the use of emails to promote a brand’s products or services, as well as to connect with its consumers. Once integrated into the marketing strategy, email marketing not only helps consumers learn about the latest offers and products but also establishes a more personal connection with customers. When planning a well-rounded marketing strategy, in order to maximize the effectiveness of Email Marketing, it is necessary to plan different content for different purposes, such as attracting potential customers, increasing brand awareness, keeping customers’ engagement, etc.

Here are 6 major benefits of using email marketing:

Some may question email marketing’s effectiveness today, but the data presented by shows that this digital marketing approach is stronger than ever: “47% of marketers rated email marketing as the most effective marketing channel.”

Email Marketing part 1: What is it and why is it important?

1. Lower cost and little manpower needed

Email marketing is inexpensive and sometimes free to use. On the contrary, with such low cost, it can generate more sales than you imagine. In a 2019 survey, email marketing boasts a 4,200% ROI, which means you can make $42 on every dollar spent. Compared with paid advertising, content creation, or social media management, it surely is a good marketing method if you don’t have a big budget or team.  

2. Higher conversion rate than social media

While social media is definitely an important marketing platform for communicating and interacting with customers, especially new ones, email marketing outperforms by a whopping 40% in terms of customer conversion. This is partly because those customers or potential customers who leave emails have already shown interest in your product or service, and also because well-planned email marketing demonstrates a more direct communication as if you were speaking to it.

3. Personal and customizable

You can compose email marketing content based on the person’s name and birthday but also recommend products based on the customer’s gender, region, shopping history, preferences, to achieve more personalized marketing communications.

4. Trackable and measurable

One of the most important factors in digital marketing is data, which you can use to optimize and adjust your campaigns. With email marketing tools, you can easily track the number of outgoing emails, email open rate, the content that is more popular, or the content that converts well, and you can know exactly which call-to-action leads consumers to the e-commerce site and make a purchase. This allows you to run A/B test to further optimize results.

5. Action driven

People are trained to do something when they receive an email, such as to reply, forward, click, or login. By sending emails that direct people to your site to spend money or tell them they need to return to your site to take action, there is an opportunity to generate more revenue. Besides, transactional emails, which are triggered by some specific actions, have an eight times higher open and click-through rate than regular marketing emails because they are more personalized and more immediate. So make good use of these transactional emails to achieve higher sales!

6. Highly accessible

Marketing is nothing if you don’t have access to people. A person may not have a social media account, but he or she will definitely have an email. As long as one has a computer, cell phone, and Internet access, he/she can receive emails at all times. Whether this person is standing in line at the checkout line or lying in bed before going to sleep, there is a very high probability that he/she is checking their emails.

How to use email marketing to interact with customers and boost sales?

Email Marketing part 1: What is it and why is it important?
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With the advantages of email marketing mentioned above, it is clear that email marketing is still a very beneficial form of digital marketing that helps you keep in touch with your customers and drive them back to you.

Common types of email marketing content can be classified as

  • News sharing: Promote new products of the month or season to email subscribers. If there is a content marketing operation, you can also share these newly created contents with them via email.
  • Sales promotion: Proactively share information about special offers and activities to attract repeat customers to increase their average order value (AOV).
  • Transactional emails: An advanced email marketing strategy that triggers different customized emails when users perform certain actions on the website by setting up automated email distribution. For example, if we detect that a consumer has added an item to the shopping cart but has not yet checked out, the system can automatically send a free shipping coupon one day later to prompt a purchase.

Are you convinced now that digital marketing is and should be an important part of your overall strategy?

Proceed to our next step in this mini-series on how you can use digital marketing effectively to boot sales!

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