10 Best Shopify Clothing Store Examples To Inspire You

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Last updated on April 15, 2024

If you’re thinking about launching your own clothing brand online, research is key. Finding captivating Shopify clothing store examples that rake in sales while also offering a stellar customer experience can be greatly inspiring for your own endeavor.  

While online brands vary quite a bit, a solid ecommerce site is vital to success. Here are 10 brands that get it right and what makes them so appealing to consumers. 

1. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is a great Shopify clothing store example.

Fashion Nova is not only a wildly popular online clothing retailer; it’s also something of a trendsetter. Thanks to the continuous flood of new arrivals, Fashion Nova customers get access to the latest styles and fashions. While the brand offers lots of products, the layout of the website is smooth and easy to navigate. 

Additionally, the brand inspires a sense of urgency by providing lots of time-sensitive specials and deals. These specials entice shoppers to make an immediate purchase, which helps Fashion Nova avoid the bane of abandoned carts. 

2. Chubbies

If the name Chubbies gives you a bit of a giggle, that’s precisely the point. This shorts retailer was borne of the notion that men’s fashion was a bit stuffy for the average guy. Accordingly, the Chubbies site aims to be engaging by including tools to help people find what they’re looking for easily (even if they’re not entirely sure what that might be). 

In keeping with its brand values like fun, irreverence, and relaxation, the Chubbies Shopify site exemplifies these characteristics through both form and function. 

3. Proozy

Proozy is an outlet store based online, which means customers get to choose from the brands they know and love. Along with a wide selection of apparel, the online retailer also offers accessories, home goods, and many other items. 

The minds behind Proozy know that customers want a great deal on products, which is why prices are front and center within the design. The website also offers a featured categories section to ensure seamless navigation. 

4. Love Luna

Great examples of Shopify clothing stores.

Love Luna is a great example of a niche clothing market done right. This brand supports sustainability by developing wearable sanitary products that are washable and reusable. While marketing such items could be challenging, Love Luna pulls it off perfectly with its slightly tongue-in-cheek approach. 

Navigation of the website is also a breeze thanks to the clean design and ample use of images. Furthermore, Love Luna piques interest in new items by presenting them right up front, which gives users a reason to return. 

5. Marine Layer

Marine Layer is a sustainable clothing brand that typifies top Shopify clothing store examples. Along with showing the available clothing, the images presented on the homepage aim to tell a story that inspires customers to pursue their own adventures. 

Because Marine Layer understands that its customers are also concerned about sustainability, the website features information on what the brand is doing to preserve the environment. Putting this info front and center perfectly communicates the brand’s values and passions. 

6. Kith

Serving customers of all genders and ages, Kith is a New York fashion brand that exudes cool. The image-heavy design is one of many Shopify clothing store examples that uses minimalism to its advantage. While clothing presentations are sparse on the homepage, hovering over images allows you to see what Kith apparel looks like on models. 

Like any clothing retailer online, sizing can be a challenge for shoppers. Kith uses a basic sizing chart, but keep in mind that a custom size recommender can enhance accuracy and decrease the chance of returns. 


I SAW IT FIRST is a Shopify retailer that seamlessly combines a passion for fashion with an emphasis on body acceptance. The site uses images to present different clothing categories, such as tops, dresses, denim, and outerwear. This makes it easy for customers to find the apparel they’re looking for while enjoying vibrant, attractive images of the clothing for sale. 

A combination of fashion-forward clothing and a great ecommerce experience have made I SAW IT FIRST a model for success when it comes to online clothing brands. 

8. Jaded London

Jaded London, another of our great Shopify clothing store examples.

With a name like Jaded London, you know that this online retailer has its finger on the pulse of the latest fashion. The Instagram-friendly brand combines edgy photos with video snippets to showcase its wares, which makes for an enticing experience for users. 

The somewhat stark site design is not just for aesthetics, however. It also makes navigating very easy, which is key to keeping customers searching for the perfect look. When designing your own website, consider that a confusing layout and frustrating navigation could drive users away and into the arms of your competitors. 

9. Roden Gray

A curator of the latest trends in menswear, Roden Gray presents a chic yet streamlined image online. The pared-back design lets the clothing speak for itself, while the street-fashion style photography makes customers feel like they’re getting a peek at an exclusive collection. 

Wonderful things are on the horizon for Roden Gray, which The Georgia Straight named the best men’s clothing store in Vancouver in 2023. For those customers who can’t make it to the physical location, Roden Gray’s Shopify site is the next best thing. 

10. beardedgoat

beardedgoat is a casual lifestyle brand that readily communicates its outdoorsy appeal via its Shopify site. Action-oriented photos serve as menus and showcase apparel in motion, while the use of video ensures a dynamic experience for users. There’s also a good delineation between men’s and women’s apparel to ensure easy navigation.

From decidedly humble beginnings, beardedgoat is now a beloved brand with wide-ranging appeal thanks to its thoughtful site design. 

Learn From Inspirational Shopify Clothing Store Examples

Even the best Shopify clothing store examples will fail to impress customers when their sites don’t have the right features. With plugins from Kiwi Sizing, your customers will be able to find their best, most accurate size with ease when shopping online. Please contact us today for more information on how our products can benefit your business. 

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