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Skip the guesswork. Use our size recommender to provide personalized size recommendations for your customers. Check out our showcases for some helpful inspiration.

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Recommender Examples

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Men & Women’s fashion size recommender

Hoodies size recommender

Men’s clothing size recommender

Women's leggings size recommender


Size recommender functionality

Provide your customers with accurate and personalized size recommendations to give them confidence in their purchase.

Intelligent fit prediction

Simple questions

We estimate the person’s body measurements when they provide a few simple pieces of information. The flow takes less than 10 seconds to finish.

Machine learning based

Our advanced technology analyzes similar customer data and behavior to deliver personalized size recommendations.

Input once, see everywhere

Once the customer inputs their personal information, they will see a recommendation on every product page they visit providing a seamless experience.

Simple & sophisticated set up

Simple creation

The recommender tool just requires a few pieces of information about the product from your team.

Customize fit preferences

We also allow you to specify how the product should be worn. For example, shirt length and fit. 

Up and running in minutes

Make a Shopify size chart and recommender by following a few simple steps. You can be up and running within just a few minutes. 


Step 1

Create your size table

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product type

Step 2

Choose product type

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Step 3

Set up measurement linking

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Step 4

Input recommender fields

Kiwi Sizing FAQs

Product sizing is often an overlooked part of an online clothing business. Shopping online has more friction because buyers don’t always know if the garment will fit. This is why 20-40% of returns are due to fit issues.

It is important to have an accurate size chart information on every product page with a clear how-to-measure guide.

But, having a size chart alone is not enough. They are often not easy to read and most shoppers often skip it if they don’t know their own body measurements. The solution is an easy-to-use fit recommender that can suggest the ideal size using simple information, such as weight, height and age.

All of these can only be accomplished using a sizing plugin. Kiwi Sizing is designed to tackle the Shopify size chart and sizing issue for online shopping.


Kiwi Sizing is designed for any e-commerce stores. You can use Kiwi Sizing to create a Shopify size chart for t-shirts, jeans, shoes, rings, swimsuits or even snowboards. The tool is flexible for any type of product. We are here to help you increase conversion and reduce returns!

Definitely! Kiwi Sizing has an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop features to easily create a Shopify size chart. You can also customize the style and design without touching a single line of code! Embedding Kiwi Sizing on your store may require some initial setup, depending on your platform. But we are here to help!

Yes! It’s more important than ever to provide a mobile friendly experience. The Shopify size chart and recommender from Kiwi Sizing works seamlessly on mobile devices. However the admin tool works the best on desktop.

Kiwi Sizing is a Shopify size chart and fit recommendation plugin for e-commerce stores. With our tool, you can easily set up a Shopify size chart and fit recommender in minutes without any design or technical background. Our goal is to help you improve your conversions and reduce returns.

Currently, we are the most popular plugin on Shopify, with over 470 5-star reviews!


No! You can sign up for our Free plan without entering any credit card information. Credit card info is only needed when you upgrade to a paid plan.

You can create size charts in Kiwi Sizing within minutes. After you register, click the “Add new size chart” button, then choose the product type and input the sizing measurements. For more details, see our start-up guide or view our video tutorial.

Size chart video tutorial

Creating a recommender is straightforward. See our Recommender guide or view our video tutorial.

Recommender video tutorial

Dramatically reduce returns and increase sales with Kiwi size charts

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