Custom Size Recommender

It’s not just about clothes. Create a customized size recommender for any product using our unique tool. 

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Recommender Examples

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Women’s bra and brief size recommender

Men's boots size recommender


Custom recommender functionality

Say goodbye to a one-size-fits-all solution and hello to a seamless shopping experience that caters to every individual’s needs.

Powerful creation editor

Easy to follow steps

Choose between multiple data input types to collect customer data. Then set up the recommendation steps to calculate the result. 

Intuitive UI

The creation editor is easy for anyone to use. You can immediately preview your creation during setup.

No coding skills needed

Almost everything is customizable with no code needed. You just need your product dimensions and you’re ready to go.

Coding for advanced users

Set up custom variables

Set up more complex data types (i.e. JSON) that you can access later in the recommendation steps.

Dynamically generate options

Generate options dynamically using javascript code to provide greater flexibility.

Dramatically reduce returns and increase sales with Kiwi size charts

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