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Easy to create customized size charts for any type of products on popular e-commerce platforms, such as, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and more.

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Men's short sleeve size chart

Women's fashion size chart

Men’s t-shirt size chart

Men's sweater size chart

Features that DTC brands demand

Have you ever ordered the wrong size? It’s no fun. Kiwi fixes that with a simple app that gives your customers the right size for whatever they’re buying.

Automatic unit conversion

One click to switch different unit system

Showing the size chart in both metrics and imperial unit systems. Make your clients easy to find the correct size by following the unit system they are most familiar with

Set up different units in the same size table

It is possible to add multiple different units in the same table. No worry about if the products with complex size.

Three ways to display the size chart with unit conversion

Choose the best way to display size chart, such as, conversion button, inline text and inline cell mode.

Flexible Layouts

Create any content type of your choice to give your customers all the information necessary about sizing

  • Size Table
  • Cross Size Table
  • Text
  • Image
  • Divider
  • Video
  • Image with Captions
  • Image Group
  • International Size Charts
  • Tabs
  • Code
  • Recommender

Size Chart Templates

If you have over 100 t-shirts size charts and want to keep them consistent, use size chart templates.

Keep size charts consistent

Create generic layout template and apply to different sizing charts with different table measurements. This makes it easy to keep everything consistent.

Update one template, apply to all

Instead of changing every size chart, updating the template will reflect change to all sizes using it.

Dynamic Size Chart

Flexible ways to match size charts to products. Useful for multi-brand shops with thousands of SKUs.

Different matching rules

Match products by different rules, like product ID, brand, sku, category, and tags.

Match by ANY or ALL conditions

Match with products that meets one of the conditions or products meeting all the conditions.

How to make a size chart?

Make a size chart in 3 simple ways. Create awesome size charts for your fashion online store on Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and other e-commerce platforms.

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Step 1

Sign Up for your free account

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Step 2

Choose a size chart template & edit the details

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Step 3

Set up product matching conditions and publish

Kiwi Sizing FAQs

Product sizing is often an overlooked part of an online clothing business. Shopping online has more friction because buyers don’t always know if the garment would fit well. This is why 20-40% of returns are due to fitting problems. So firstly, it is important to have accurate size chart information on every product pages with clear how-to-measure guide.

Furthermore, having size charts alone are not enough. They are not intuitive to read and most shoppers often skip it if they don’t know their own body measurements. The solution for this is to have easy-to-use fit recommender that can suggest the customers the ideal size to purchase using information they could provide easily, such as weight, height and age.

All of these can only be accomplished using a sizing plugin. Kiwi Sizing is designed exactly to tackle the fitting problem for online shopping.


Kiwi Sizing is designed for any e-commerce stores, as long as you need size charts. For example, you can use Kiwi Sizing to create t-shirt size charts, jeans size charts, shoes size charts, ring size charts, bar size charts, swimsuit size charts or even snowboard size charts. The tool is flexible for any type of product and we are here to help you increase conversion and reduce returns!

Certainly! Kiwi Sizing has an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop features to create size charts. There are also an abundance of settings to customize the style and design without touching a single line of code! Embedding Kiwi Sizing on your store may require some initial setup, depending on your platform. But we will be more than happy to assist!

Yes! More and more online shopping these days happen on mobile. The size charts and recommender from Kiwi Sizing works perfectly on mobile devices. However the admin tool works the best on desktop.

Kiwi Sizing is a size chart and fit recommendation plugin for e-commerce stores. We help all kinds of sellers that sells t-shirts, dresses, jackets, shoes, etc. Through our tool, you can easily set up size charts and fit recommenders in minutes without any design or technical background. Our goal is to help you improve your conversion and reduce refunds due to fit issues.

Currently, we are the most popular plugin on Shopify, with over 470 5-star reviews!


Kiwi Sizing supports any e-commerce platforms. We have a native app for Shopify, and native plugin for WooCommerce. For other platforms like BigCommerce, Magento, 3dcart, Volusion, Kiwi Sizing can be integrated by adding some custom code onto the store settings. See our documentation guides to see how to integrate with your ecommerce platform.

No! You can sign up Kiwi Sizing without entering any credit card information. The free plan will remain free forever. The credit card info is only needed when you upgrade to a paid plan.

You can create size charts in Kiwi Sizing easily within a minute. After you register, click “Add new size chart” button, then specify what products the size charts is for and input the sizing measurements. For more details, see our start up guide. Or you can see our video tutorial.

See video tutorial on size art

Creating recommender is quite straight forward as weel. See our Recmomender guide. Or you can see our video tutorial.

See video tutorial on recommender

Dramatically reduce returns and increase sales with Kiwi

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Personalized Size Recommendations on your Shopify Stores

Example size chart

Size Charts

How to Measure


Lift your arms slightly and measure around your body, crossing over the fullest part of your chest.

Natural Waist

Measure around your waist at the narrowest point.


Stand with your heels together and measure around the fullest part of your hips.


Measure a similar style of well-fitting pants from the crotch/rise seam along the inside leg to the hem.