7 Must-Have Shopify Apps to Boost Your Sales Instantly

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms and comes with thousands of apps. In this article, we curate a list of 7 well-known and useful Shopify apps to help you increase sales.
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Last updated on September 18, 2022

With more than 1.7 million stores in nearly 200 countries, Shopify has become one of the most popular eCommerce platforms around the world. It also comes with thousands of apps that support the entire community and help sellers create higher conversion rates, more sales, and become sustainable brands from every angle.

In this article, we curate a list of 6 well-known and useful Shopify apps to build on your sales goals.

JCurve: one of the best mobile app builder

7 Shopify Apps to Increase Sales  that You Cannot Miss

We can all agree that mobile eCommerce is a booming trend. Statistically speaking, in 2020’s busy holiday shopping season, a third of all online purchases came from smartphone users. Data also shows that 40% of shoppers leave and go to your competitor after a bad mobile experience. And, according to Shopify announced statistics after the last BFCM, mobile sales on Black Friday were 67% compared to 33% of sales made on desktop. In 2019, 69% of Black Friday sales were made on mobile and 31% on desktop. With this knowledge, it’s critical to provide a seamless experience when your potential customers interact with your website from a smartphone or tablet.  

JCurve was created by top-tier silicon valley software engineers and has been trusted by over 4,000 Shopify stores, with a 4.8 out of 5 stars review on the Shopify app store.

Out-of-box Experience

Creating an app sounds impossible for people without software engineering backgrounds, so JCurve’s mission is to provide eCommerce managers who do not code still can create their own Android and iOS apps in a short period of time.

JCurve makes it very intuitive and super easy with its Lego-block style mobile builder. Even if you don’t have any design capability, you can still apply the built-in UI themes to create a well-designed and user-friendly app.

More Effective Marketing, and higher sales number

Effective marketing communication is about reaching your target consumers as quickly as possible. If you can deliver your limited-time promotions or new product releases to consumers directly on their mobile devices, it’s more likely to achieve the fastest and most effective result. Compared to Email marketing, which takes a long time to track the result, or social marketing, which requires a lot of content, push notification through a mobile app is much more efficient.

The shopping experience through the app is not only smoother but also better with more personalized product recommendations. Its abandoned cart auto-reminder prompts consumers to complete the checkout process, creating higher sales volume overall.

App Integration

One of the best things about Shopify is its app ecosystem. JCurve has naturally designed its mobile app to integrate with other essential apps, including the popular sizing chart, Kiwi Sizing, the multi-language tool, Langify, loyalty and rewards programs system app, Smile.io, and more.  

At the same time, JCurve also provides tracking and analytics features that can be integrated with Facebook and Google Analytics. It’s definitely one of the indispensable assets for your Shopify store!

Zakeke Product Customizer

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Zakeke is a cloud platform empowering ecommerce stores to offer their customers live Product Customization. By integrating it with your store, your customers will be able to customize your products with texts, images, materials, colors and more, before they buy them. The 3D Product Configurator offers an immersive and unique 3D shopping experience with AR, transforming customers into creators!

Zakeke is the best Visual Solution for brands and retailers offering configurable, multi-option, and customizable products, both online & offline, no matter the industry or the number of products offered. Zakeke is a plug & play solution that works with all major e-commerce platforms like ShopifyWoocommerceBigcommerce, Salesforce, with marketplaces like Etsy and also with API.

Key Features

  1. Text and Image customization: customers can change font, colors, dimensions, orientation, rotation and make curved text. They can upload their own images or choose among pre-selected artwork created by you. Each order comes with the right files, every single time. Simply get the files and go to print.
  2. 3D and AR view: customers can see the personalized item in their own space in real size via Augmented Reality and see a live, realistic 3D model of the product that they can zoom in, rotate.
  3. Product Configurator: customers can build their own versions of your products choosing components, changing elements, and customizing colors and materials.
  4. Quote request: customers can send you a request for a quote containing all info you need. You decide exactly how much you want to charge for each customization.
  5. Works on any print-on-demand product: simply define what area of your product you want to allow customizations for and that’s it.
  6. Boost sales from mobile devices: the customizer interface works smoothly on any device and screen size.
  7. Zakeke automates your work by integrating with your favorite services: Zapier, Printful, CustomCat, Invition, OrderDesk, Shopney, PageFly.

PushEngage: Engage, Immerse, and Increase Sales

6 Shopify Apps to Increase Sales  that You Cannot Miss

When a visitor leaves your site and never purchases or comes back, what do you do? PushEngage is a push notification app to “save” these potential customers from disappearing. After installing PushEngage on your Shopify store, and your subscribers accept to receive notifications, you can send them browser notifications including news, promotions, abandoned cart reminders, inventory alerts, etc. As a result, you can communicate with consumers in the most direct way possible and optimize your marketing funnel more efficiently to generate more sales.

PushEngage comes with outstanding features, including

  • Different types of notifications in native languages
  • Set up abandoned cart reminder, price drop alert, inventory alert
  • Automated and personalized push notifications

PushEngage is a simple and useful app that assists you to re-engage your users, continuously build brand awareness and, most importantly, increase sales.

Drip: A Email Marketing Tool to Make Your Revenue Soar

6 Shopify Apps to Increase Sales  that You Cannot Miss

Drip is an Email and SMS marketing automation tool for ecommerce stores. On the Shopify App Store, Drip has 4.6 stars and many good reviews from users, who are highly positive that the integration with Shopify is easy and thoughtful. Drip’s goal is to help store owners generate more revenue with less effort.

Form to grow Email lists

Sending out emails is still one of the most effective marketing methods, so having Email lists is quite important for eCommerce owners at the first step. Drip provides customizable forms which can align with your brand image when acquiring shoppers’ emails at the right moment and present a seamless user experience.

Pre-built Email and SMS Templates

Drip’s pre-built email template is one of its highlights that will save you lots of time and effort. You can use their welcome series or marketing campaigns to engage with your customers and get higher engagement rates.

Segmentation and Automation

Sending the right message to the right person at the right time can’t be more critical for marketers. Drip allows you to group customers based on their activities, including browsing, opening, clicking, or buying. And everything can happen through the automation feature while you are asleep.

SEO Image Optimizer: Help Google “understand” your images

6 Shopify Apps to Increase Sales  that You Cannot Miss

Do you know that most of your visually attractive product images cannot be shown in search results without alt-texts? Because search engines are unable to determine the content of these images. That’s why having tools such as SEO Image Optimizer is a must. Once installed with one click, SEO Image Optimizer will automatically add alt-text which informs search engines like Google what your images are about, and with its template function, you don’t need to enter the same information repeatedly for each photo. 26% of searches happen on Google Images. Don’t leave these potential customers out!

AutoCommerce: Upsell & Cross Selling without Hassle

6 Shopify Apps to Increase Sales  that You Cannot Miss

AutoCommerce is an app that uses an Amazon-like recommendation engine to show items to your customers which they may want to buy in addition to what they have browsed or added to their shopping carts.

Once AutoCommerce has been installed, it can make brilliant suggestions to individuals based on their browsing or shopping behaviors. Unlike ads that might annoy shoppers, this app allows you to set 3 different widgets at 3 locations on your homepage, product page, and carts page, which can also be customized to match your brand’s style and theme. AutoCommerce, undoubtedly, is one of the essential tools to increase sales without the hassle.

Trust Hero: More Trust and More Sales

6 Shopify Apps to Increase Sales  that You Cannot Miss

Online shoppers tend to make a purchase from trusted sellers and websites which look legitimate. No one certainly would like to hand out all of their credit card and personal information to an untrusted site. Statistics also address that 15% of abandoned carts were due to concerns over payment security.

Trust Hero is a free tool to help you gain trust from your customers. By displaying trust and security badges such as VISA, Google Pay, PayPal on your product pages, your customers can shop and pay with confidence. They will then know that the information is secure and that the site offers a protected payment gateway. This app doesn’t require any coding skills and can be used on all types of devices.

In today’s blog post, we feature 6 apps that can help you increase sales, including the best mobile app builder JCurve, a push notification tool PushEngage, email marketing automation tool Drip, and other simple but important gadgets like SEO image optimizer to help you perform better in Google search result, AutoCommerce to recommend relevant products through Upselling & cross-selling strategy, and lastly, Trust Hero to enhance customers’ trust.

There are many more apps in the Shopify app store, so check out the 5 Best Shopify Apps for Growing Your Ecommerce Business for more information, and stay tuned to our blog!


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