How to Create Unit Conversion Size Charts in One Easy Step

Showing the size chart in both metrics and imperial unit systems is a must have these days as your customers are often multi-nationals. See this post to quickly create a size chart with unit conversion!
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Last updated on September 18, 2022

Size Chart is a must-have for any e-commerce store selling clothing. Without it, shopping online is like walking in the dark.

The problem is, we often see poor-size charts that are generally direct images from suppliers so each product page may have inconsistent styles. Most are also unoptimized due to lacking the unit conversion feature. Let me share a simple unit conversion chart to get started with and then move to rest of the article.

Unit Conversion Chart / Table

UnitConverted unit
1 inch2.540 centimeters
1 millimeter0.03937 inches
1 foot30.4878 centimeters
1 centimeters0.3937 inches
1 yard0.9144028 meters
1 meter3.281 feet
1 mile1.6093419 kilometer
1 kilometer0.621372 miles
1 sq. inch6.4516 sq. centimeters
1 sq. centimeter0.1550 sq. inches
1 sq. foot0.0929 sq. meters
1 sq. meter1.195986 sq. yards
1 sq. yard0.83613 sq. meters
1 sq. kilometer0.386101 sq. miles
1 sq. mile2.589999 sq. kilometers
1 hectare2.471044 acres
1 acre0.404687 hectares
Unit conversion table or chart

How to create a unit conversion chart for your Shopify store?

Create unit conversion size charts in 1 simple step
Example of an interactive unit size chart

The biggest advantage here is that your customers can pick the unit they are most comfortable thinking in to make a purchase decision. For example, people in the US are often more used to using inches while most people around the world can only understand centimeters.

As your shoppers are likely more multi-national, it is a must to support both in order to further improve the conversion. Even more important, it is extremely simple to set up the unit conversion using Kiwi Sizing once you have a sizing table set up.

Video: How to set up “inches/cm” unit conversion to improve conversion

Let’s see how that works!

Buying clothes for your kids? Try this international size conversion chart for children’s clothing to enusre the perfect fit.

1. One simple step: Add units to the table

First, you need a size table created. See our previous post for the process.

Once you have the table, click “Edit table” to open the table editor. Then you can see the “Table Unit conversion” button in the table editor.


Click on it to bring up the unit selection menu. Here you can select different unit conversion options.


Select one, then you will see unit conversion instantly show up!


Now you’re done and remember to save your changes!

Can I have different units in the same table?

If you happen to have multiple different units in the same table, that is also possible! Click on the black box on the top right to switch to the advanced mode. Then you will see black arrows showing up on the table editor.

You can use them to set up units on individual rows or columns!


Once you set it up you will also see the conversion button changing to “imperial” and “metric”.

Now save your setting.

Are there other ways the unit conversion can look?

yes! The app supports 3 ways the conversions can be shown.

Click on Settings > Size Chart > Table, you will see the “Unit conversion display mode” option.


You’ve already seen how the conversion button looks. Here is what inline text looks:


And inline cell:


With unit conversions, your customers no longer need to convert the numbers themselves using calculators. And you will avoid losing sales because of customers who are only familiar with 1 unit.

Get started today and optimize your size chart with unit conversions! There’s no excuse not to have one if the setup is so simple and requires no coding experience at all.

See how other shops are using Kiwi Sizing charts:


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