How To Measure Wrist Size for a Watch or Jewelry

To achieve the perfect fit, your customers need to know how to measure their wrist size. This guide provides helpful tips and techniques.
Team Kiwi Sizing

Team Kiwi Sizing

Last updated on March 25, 2024

Ordering the wrong size is one of the most commonly cited reasons for returns to stores that sell watches and jewelry. Explaining how to measure wrist size to your customers can reduce the number of returns you get due to sizing issues. 

How To Measure Wrist Size for a Watch

How to measure wrist size.

A watch that doesn’t fit correctly may be uncomfortable to wear or fall off your customer’s wrist. There are several methods your customers can use to measure their wrist size to buy the right band the first time. 

Flexible Measuring Tape

Flexible measuring tapes work like the measuring tapes many people have at home for measuring windows or doorways but use a softer and more flexible material that makes them an ideal tool for measuring curved surfaces.

Many retail stores sell flexible measuring tapes with their arts and crafts or sewing supplies. Customers may also find them for sale in the sporting goods section or with health and fitness-related products.

To use this wrist size measuring technique, your customers should turn their hand face up with their fingers open. They should then place the end of the tape with the metal tip against the center of their wrist and wrap the other end of the tape around the wrist until it contacts the metal tip. The number on the tape where it touches the metal tip is the circumference of the customer’s wrist.

Instruct the customer to measure the location where they will wear their watch and to only pull the tape as tightly as they plan to wear the jewelry. This is the easiest method, but some customers may want to know how to measure wrist size without a tape.

Strip of Paper or Length of String

To use this method, the customer should wrap a strip of paper or a length of string around the wrist and mark the place where the paper or string overlaps with a pen or marker or use scissors to cut it. The customer can then use a standard ruler to measure the length of the paper or string from the starting point to the mark to get the wrist circumference. A ribbon, piece of fabric, twine, or dental floss can also work, as long as the material is flexible but not stretchy.

Wrist Sizer

For customers who purchase many wrist-worn accessories, buying a plastic wrist sizer may be worthwhile. To measure wrist size using this tool, your customers should place their hand inside the sizer and then gently tighten it around the location on their wrist where they plan to wear their watches. The sizer will point to a number that indicates the customer’s wrist size.

Well-Fitting Watch

How to measure wrist size for watch.

Customers who already own a watch that fits well can take their watch to a store that has a sizing cone. A staff member can fit the watch on the cone and tell them the measurement.

Dollar Bills

Customers who don’t have a ruler can use dollar bills to take measurements. This method works the same as the paper or string method, except instead of using a ruler they will lay the paper or string on two dollar bills placed on a flat surface end-to-end. 

Each dollar bill is about six inches long. This method is not as precise but can work for watches with adjustable bands as long as the customer’s measurement isn’t right on the edge of what the watch can fit. 

Smartphone App

Another option to measure wrist size for customers who don’t have rulers is to use the string or paper method with a measuring app on their smartphone. Depending on the app, they may need to hold the string or paper against their phone or use an augmented reality tool to measure the string using their phone’s camera.

How To Measure Wrist Size for a Bracelet

Customers who need to measure their wrist for a bracelet can use the same methods as for measuring for a watch. They should keep in mind where they want the bracelet to rest on their wrist when taking the measurement.

If they are measuring for a bracelet that slides over the hand, instead of holding their hand open during the measurement, they should stretch out their fingers and hold them cupped, as if they are about to slip on a bracelet. It may also be useful to measure the hand to ensure it can fit through the bracelet when putting it on. 

How To Choose the Correct Watch or Bracelet Size

How to measure wrist size for bracelet.

Once customers know how to measure wrist size, they can use their measurements to choose the correct watch or bracelet with a sizing chart. Charts for different styles of jewelry will vary based on the materials, whether the band is adjustable, and how the customer wants the item to fit.

For example, a snug-fitting cuff will be pretty close to the customer’s wrist measurement in size, while a loose-fitting bangle should be larger because it must fit over the customer’s hand. The sizing chart may instruct the customer to add a specific length to their wrist measurement to determine which size to choose.

Why Knowing How To Measure Wrist Size Is Important

A watch or bracelet that is too tight can cut off circulation, leave marks, or chafe the skin. It may also be difficult to put on and take off.

However, an item that is too loose may look sloppy, not stay where the customer wants it, or fall off. A too-loose watch may be difficult to read because the face may slide around on the wrist.

Jewelry that is too loose can be a safety hazard because it may get caught on objects. While some bands are adjustable, there is a limit to how much they can tighten. If the item doesn’t fit properly, the customer will probably return it.

Sizing Tools To Use With Wrist Size Measurements 

Now that your customers know how to measure wrist size, they need an easy-to-use sizing tool to ensure they get a good fit. The size charts and recommenders from Kiwi Sizing reduce returns due to fit issues and help ensure your customers are happy with their purchases. Contact us today for more information. 

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