Is Dress Size the Same as Jeans Size?

Is dress size the same as jeans size? Kiwi Sizing can help your customers determine their exact apparel size to ensure a seamless online shopping experience.
Team Kiwi Sizing

Team Kiwi Sizing

Last updated on February 26, 2024

Is dress size the same as jeans size across clothing brands? This is a common query for many consumers, who may need help finding clothing in the correct size when shopping at different retailers. While there are some similarities between the two garments, there are also quite a few differences to be aware of.

While securing the right clothing sizes can be challenging for shoppers, it’s an even bigger issue for clothing retailers. This is especially true for online clothing brands, whose customers can only try on items after they buy. Accordingly, clothing retailers must understand the differences between dress and jeans sizes to ensure customers can find the products they’re looking for. 

How Does Dress Sizing and Jean Sizing Work?

is dress size the same as jeans size

There are similarities in dress and jeans sizing, but they are not the same. Dress sizes consist of several body measurements to ensure the best possible fit. These measurements include:

  • Bust 
  • Waist 
  • Hips
  • Center back 
  • Shoulder width 
  • Sleeve length

Accurate measurements of these areas ensure dresses fit snugly but aren’t too tight or restrictive. 

On the other hand, jeans size focuses on the dimensions of the waist and legs. This includes the diameter of the waist and length of the legs as expressed in inches. Accordingly, jeans with 34×34 on the label have a 34-inch waist and a 34-inch inseam (i.e., the inside of the leg starting at the crotch and extending down to the ankle). 

So, Is Dress Size the Same as Jeans Size?

Not exactly. When it comes to questions of how to determine dress size by pant size, both measurements take waist size into account. However, pant sizing does not include the bust, back, shoulders, and sleeve length when applicable. 

Accordingly, more than pant size is needed to provide enough information to fit dresses properly. While it can help determine waist size, pant size leaves out the other measurements. This highlights the importance of apparel size recommenders when shopping online, as shoppers can receive personalized recommendations by answering a few questions.

How Do Sizing Questions Affect Online Brands?

It's difficult to determine dress size by pant size alone.

Whether an online shopper is seeking a dress or a new pair of jeans, questions about sizing can challenge businesses. According to Statista, return costs amounted to $817 billion in 2022 alone. A quarter of this figure impacted e-commerce stores directly. 

Along with the staggering costs of product returns, there’s also reputational damage. Customers who feel they can’t determine their accurate size when patronizing an online clothing store are unlikely to shop there again. There’s also a risk that the customer will share their experience with others, which can impact sales rates in the future. 

While sizing issues are very prevalent, businesses can take certain steps to mitigate them:

  • Make sure your customer service team is in tune with the needs of your customers.
  • Be proactive when it comes to possible sizing issues.
  • Utilize new technology to help shoppers determine their correct size.

These methods ensure that customers can find what they’re looking for and prevent you and your online retail staff from processing return after return.

How Can You Discover the Benefits of Accurate Sizing for Your Clothing Brand?

Kiwi Sizing offers digital size charts to simplify online shopping so your customers don’t have to wonder whether dress size is the same as jeans size. We know online clothing brands must offer an easy and convenient experience to satisfy customers and avoid the challenges of processing product returns. Please contact us today for more information on what we can do for you. 

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