Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms and the top pick among online shop owners now. The platform is stable and open to different integration with other applications. We’ve been recommending different useful Shopify Apps, and this post will continue doing so for e-commerce store owners!

For new Shopify business owners – recommended must-have apps!

Vajro - Create the ultimate shopping experience on mobile

New to Shopify? 5 must-have apps to make your shop a success! Part III

Why is having your shop on mobile quite important?

Because around 2 billion people made purchases from a mobile device in 2019, with about $1 in every $4 generated in e-commerce comes from mobile, so creating a smooth shopping experience on mobile devices for your customers will undoubtedly generate more sales. For merchants looking to grow, this is a trend worth focusing on.

Vajro can help you create an IOS or Android mobile app from your Shopify store easily. It offers instant video stream shopping experience, shows personalized push notifications with images, videos, and gifs, and automatically puts the product in the cart when your user takes a photo of their desired item.

What’s more? Vajro engages in your customers’ shopping history and becomes their personal shoppers by giving them what they want before they even search for it.

Topdser - The Ultimate Dropshipping Solution

New to Shopify? 5 must-have apps to make your shop a success! Part III

While starting an online business, dropshipping is becoming a popular choice with its low barrier of entry to the market and relatively low upfront cost. Topdser is a popular dropshipping app on Shopify. As an official partner of Aliexpress, Topdser connects your Shopify store to a vast marketplace of AliExpress supplier, gives instant access to millions of top quality products & Bulk Ordering feature with Aliexpress API. Up to 300 orders can be automatically placed together in seconds using Topdser.

With dropshipping, you no longer need to handle the hassle of shipping and logistics. The only thing you need to do is find the products you want to sell in your store and think about marketing.

Pros and Cons between dropshipping and traditional e-commerce:

New to Shopify? 5 must-have apps to make your shop a success! Part III

Tabs by Station - Enrich your descriptions, increase your sales

New to Shopify? 5 must-have apps to make your shop a success! Part III

After setting up Tabs by Station on your online store, you will be able to enrich your descriptions which makes your customers better understand your products, and also optimize your store for SEO.

Besides detailed and accurate descriptions, size charts are very important too. When your customer finds something he/she likes, knowing the precise size that fits him/her would be beneficial. Tabs by Station is integrated with Kiwi Sizing so you can easily set up a tab which displays size charts from Kiwi app. Kiwi Sizing also offers advanced fit recommender feature to recommend your customers the best fitting size to enhance their shopping experience.

Google Channel - Displayed on Google and reach more shoppers

New to Shopify? 5 must-have apps to make your shop a success! Part III

There are two ways that Google Channel can help you reach more potential customers and lead them to purchase on your Shopify store. For one, you can set up a daily budget and Google will show your products on YouTube, Gmail, Google Search, and across Google Display Network. If you have a limited budget, Google also offers free listings on Google Shopping tab to help you get in front of the millions of shoppers who use Google to discover and purchase all types of products. (Please note that the free listings function is only available for sellers in the US.) This is a great way to get a free distribution channel and put more eyes before your products!

Loox - Collet feedback and boost good reviews

New to Shopify? 5 must-have apps to make your shop a success! Part III

Beloved by sellers, and reviewed by nearly 5000 times, Loox is a 4.9-star top application for collecting and displaying product reviews.

We’ve shared how to guide your customers to leave positive reviews, and it requires your site to have a review integration system. Installing Loox is a great help. The app sends out review requests automatically asking for product reviews and photos to boost conversion and improve retention rates.


As we mentioned before, we will keep introducing and recommending useful applications for Shopify users and expecting this community to grow bigger and bigger. If you have any questions while selecting apps or any thoughts to share, please feel free to comment below. We are happy to provide suggestions based on your needs.

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