The 10 Best Shopify Apps for Clothing Stores

Guide to the best Shopify apps for clothing stores that help you boost sales, market your products, and improve the shopping experience for customers.
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Last updated on February 19, 2024

Clothing is one of the most popular shopping categories on Shopify, yet at 30% to 50%, online clothing stores have some of the highest return rates. The best Shopify apps for clothing stores help you conquer some of the challenges online clothing retailers face, resulting in a better experience for your shoppers and higher profits for you.

Check Out the Best Shopify Apps for Online Clothing Stores

best Shopify apps for clothing stores

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for clothing retailers. However, it probably doesn’t meet every need you have. These apps add more functionality to the Shopify platform.

1. Kiwi Sizing

Poor fit is one of the main reasons people return clothing items. The Kiwi Sizing app makes it easy for customers to find the right size, improving customer satisfaction and reducing returns.

You can customize the Kiwi Sizing size charts to match your online store and use them to create consistent sizing tools for hundreds of different products and sizes. The app’s easy-to-use interface allows you to create size charts for your products in less than a minute.

International customers can easily switch between measurement units. The Kiwi Sizing size recommenders allow customers to find the perfect size by inputting just a few pieces of information.

2. Automatic Discounts & Gifts (ADG)

Attracting customers to your store is hard work, so you need to get as much revenue as possible from each shopper who visits. The ADG app made the best Shopify app for clothing stores list because it encourages shoppers to make larger purchases through tiered discounts and gift promotions.

Use the app to create links, rules, or codes that trigger discounts based on who the customers are and what they put in their cart. Automatically add gifts to orders that qualify or let customers pick a gift from a selection of items.

3. Yotpo

About 95% of customers read reviews before buying a product, but only some customers take the time to leave a review. Yotpo uses data-driven tools that make it easy for customers to leave reviews and display them on your site in the most impactful locations.

Yotpo’s partnerships with Google and Facebook and integrations with X, Instagram, and Pinterest help you build brand awareness by displaying social proof. Collect reviews from customers through email or SMS. 

Use Yotpo’s tools to analyze the feedback you receive. The app’s content moderation tools allow you to prevent customers from using inappropriate language, spamming your review section, or sharing sensitive information in reviews. 

4. Pre‑Order Now WOD

Pre Order Now is a  game-changing solution designed to transform out-of-stock scenarios into pre-order opportunities, ensuring you never miss a sale again. This dynamic tool is perfect for print-on-demand stores and any business looking to minimize inventory risk while maximizing customer engagement.

 With features like “Pre-Order Now” buttons, restock alerts, and the ability to accept partial payments, this app allows you to gauge customer interest in new products, manage demand surges effortlessly, and offer enticing discounts on pre-orders. Additionally, its mixed cart alerts and pre-order badges enhance the shopping experience, while the automated back-in-stock notifications keep your customers informed and ready to buy. Set up is quick and easy, enabling you to start capturing sales immediately and build excitement for upcoming product launches.

5. TinyIMG

The best Shopify apps for clothing stores may depend on your brand

High-quality photos are essential for any online clothing store. However, large files can slow down your site, frustrating customers and hurting your search engine rankings.

The TinyIMG app’s ability to optimize your images to reduce page size without compromising image quality makes it one of the best Shopify apps for clothing stores. You can also use the app to generate SEO-friendly product metadata and reduce your load times by only loading images when needed.

6. Nudgify

Shoppers love the convenience of shopping online but miss out on some social aspects of shopping in a physical store. Nudgify recreates the experience of shopping in a store by displaying information such as who else is online and what they are buying.

You can also use Nudgify to make your best reviews more visible through non-intrusive social proof notifications. Set a time limit on sales to create a sense of urgency, increasing conversions.

Set free delivery targets to reduce cart abandonment and increase basket values. Create custom nudges to display key information on any page. Nudigfy uses AI tools to learn which Nudges convert the best, making the app more effective over time. It comes with a free trial.

7. BUZZ: Affiliate & Influencer

Affiliate and influencer marketing are two of the most effective ways to promote your brand to customers. BUZZ made our best Shopify apps for clothing stores list by making the process easier by automating workflows.

Use the app to manage the creator life cycle from start to finish. Automate repetitive tasks, such as tracking and communication. Create a fully customized application form and landing page to improve recruitment efforts. Use the app to pay your affiliates with cash, gift cards, or store credit. 

8. Boost AI Search & Filter

When customers come to your store looking for a specific product, they may leave without purchasing anything if they can’t find it. This smart search app uses AI to deliver fast and accurate search results.

Boost AI Search also recommends products based on a customer’s search history. Create custom filters to match any theme. Manage up to 1 million products.

9. UpPromote

Build your affiliate program from the ground up with UpPromote. Choose from multiple programs with dynamic commission structures. Create a fully customized affiliate registration form and portal. Track referrals through coupons, links, products, and emails. Turn customers into brand ambassadors. Manage your brand advocates, ambassadors, converted customers, and influencers with one app.

10. Printful

Have a great idea for a t-shirt but don’t want to print it yourself? Printful makes it quick and easy to start a print-on-demand business or add print-on-demand products to your existing store.

Sellers praise Printful for its high-quality products and superior customer service. The app’s intuitive five-step process allows you to create products in less than an hour.

Download One of the Best Shopify Apps for Clothing Stores

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