The 15 Best Shopify Themes for Clothing Brands

Discover the best Shopify themes for clothing to ensure your customers enjoy a pleasing layout and impressive performance as they peruse your ecommerce site.
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Last updated on December 18, 2023

In 2022, worldwide earnings for online apparel retailers amounted to $1.53 trillion, proving that this sector of the ecommerce market is thriving. However, owners of clothing sites must still strive to draw in customers and entice them to make a purchase. 

Shopify themes play a crucial role in the online shopping experience. Selecting the right Shopify fashion themes for your clothing or jewelry brand is vital, as it can make a big impression on customers when it comes to the user experience. 

best shopify themes for clothing

To offer an exemplary user experience and ensure shoppers repeatedly visit your website, you must be privy to the best Shopify themes for clothing. Along with essential features, like apparel size recommenders, the right theme allows you to customize the shopping experience to your customers’ specific wants and desires. 

Because the needs of each clothing brand are different, here are 14 unique themes sure to elevate the online shopping experience for your customers. 

1. Wokiee 

Wokiee is one of the best Shopify themes for clothing shops.

Wokiee’s impressive product filtering feature not only helps shoppers find precisely what they’re after but can also help increase sales on your ecommerce site. It is one of the best Shopify themes for clothing brands because it’s highly customizable thanks to the wide selection of homepage options at your disposal. Y

ou can also rely on friendly and efficient customer service should you run into any obstacles. 

2. Goodwin

Offering a great combination of efficiency and customer appeal, Goodwin makes establishing your online retail store easier than ever. This theme offers a simple-to-use editor to set up your retail space easily and efficiently.

Goodwin also helps with search engine optimization thanks to its smart features, which means a much wider audience can view your products. 

3. Aurora

If you’re seeking a combination of impressive features and customization options, then Aurora is a great theme for your online clothing store. Create your own custom gallery to showcase your products and help customers find exactly what they’re looking for with smart search recommendations.

With this theme adding video content a breeze, which makes for a more dynamic experience. 

4. Gecko 6.0

Gecko 6.0 is in the list of best shopify apps for clothing stores.

Thanks to its versatility, Gecko 6.0 offers benefits to a wide range of clothing retailers. A streamlined design allows your apparel to take center stage. You’ll also have access to lots of essential features, including product video thumbnails and efficient translation capability. 

5. Booster

When you’re seeking the best Shopify themes for clothing, Booster has much to offer. Aesthetics matter when shopping for apparel online, and Booster’s contemporary styling will make your brand appear highly sophisticated.

This theme also provides helpful conversion rate optimization functions to ensure your online retail establishment maintains a healthy bottom line. 

6. Belle

Belle not only is well suited to clothing brands but can also give jewelry sellers an edge over their competition. Many business owners who use the theme love the accessibility of helpful customer service and support, while customers can enjoy in-depth product filtering to find the exact items they’re shopping for. 

7. Kala

If flexibility is a crucial aspect of Shopify fashion themes for your brand, you’ll love what Kala has to offer. With a multitude of layouts, you’re free to design your online shop in a way that offers the biggest benefit to customers. Kala also offers a responsive design, which means your ecommerce will look amazing on numerous devices. 

8. Stiletto

Luxury clothing brands must present a certain look online. Stiletto is the perfect option when it comes to high-end fashion, as this Shopify theme exemplifies luxury at every turn. It’s also ideal for brands who want to educate visitors when it comes to their products, as it is highly compatible with comprehensive product pages that provide lots of details. 

9. Mojuri

Mojuri is one of the top Shopify themes for clothing and jewelry.

Like Belle, Mojuri is ideal for retailers that sell jewelry in addition to clothing. As a mobile-friendly theme, Mojuri ensures reliable performance across multiple devices. Features are also designed to encourage online shoppers to make a purchase, such as mini carts that customers can easily add products to as they browse your store. 

10. Lusion

In keeping with the consumer desire to shop online via a mobile device, Lusion prioritizes mobile responsiveness. This Shopify theme also offers lots of options when it comes to layouts, which means you can orient your online clothing store however you see fit.

The large selection of apps, including guest wish lists and newsletter pop-ups, also mean that you don’t have to look elsewhere for great features. 

11. Highlight

Highlight offers a pleasing mix of unbeatable features and eye-catching aesthetics. The stock counter urges shoppers to make their purchases before supplies run out, while the enhanced search function makes finding items a breeze.

Highlight also has much to offer in terms of performance, as customers can perform searches and make purchases in an expedient manner. 

12. Shella

Shella is a great theme for retailers looking to boost their conversion rate. Essential features include a countdown, which encourages shoppers to complete their purchase to deter abandoned carts. Plus, with so many smart features to choose from, you can minimize the cost of add-ons. 

13. Impulse

Optimization matters with online retailers, and Impulse is highly optimized. This theme certainly doesn’t skimp when it comes to features, as you’ll have access to powerful tools like FAQ content, promotional pop-ups, and stock counters. If you’re still not convinced, consider that Impulse is one of the best-rated themes on Shopify. 

14. Fastor

Fastor is a top Shopify theme for clothing brands.

For greater control over the look and design of your Shopify theme, Fastor is an excellent choice. With more than 100 skins to choose from, you can easily create a retail space that exemplifies your brands and the products you sell. To ensure customers never leave an item behind, Fastor also provides helpful features like cart reminders and stock counters. 


15. Blum

Fashion-forward brands looking for a theme that marries aesthetics with functionality will find Blum to be a perfect fit. Whether you’re selling apparel, accessories, or beauty products, Blum’s focus on visual storytelling and mobile-first design ensures an optimized shopping experience for your customers.

Incorporate Easy, Accurate Sizing Into Your Shopify Theme

Along with choosing the best Shopify fashion themes, online clothing brands can improve the user experience in other ways. With Kiwi Sizing, your customers will have access to innovative size charts for a convenient and satisfying shopping experience. If you’d like more information before getting started,  contact us today. 

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