Around the end of last year, we had the great privilege to be part of the Ultimate eCommerce Product Page Guide, a joint effort along with 19 other subject experts to share insights on how to create a high converting product page.

Guide to Creating Converting Product Pages - Co-marketing with Yotpo

There are a total of 6 chapters and each discusses a different aspect of a converting product page.

  • Product page Fundamentals
  • Bringing your products to life
  • Building trust
  • Payments & monetization
  • Advanced strategies to maximize sales
  • 10 examples of inspiring product pages

Kiwi Sizing founder, Sam, shared his insights on improving "sizing" in the second chapter of "Bringing your products to life".

Bringing Your Product to Life - Kiwi Sizing

Guide to Creating Converting Product Pages - Co-marketing with Yotpo

Kiwi Sizing is a fashion technology startup that wants to improve the online shopping experience by helping customers shop the right size. As a merchant himself, Sam had experienced first-hand the problem with returns due to sizing.

And this is certainly a universal pain. Based on research, 20% to 40% of returns are due to fitting problems. And it's not surprising to realize that one of the biggest challenges with shopping online is in fact picking the right size. Unlike shopping in physical stores, the customers can’t try on different sizes to see what fits the best. To make the sizing issue more complicated, sizes are not standardized across brands or even within the same brand.

In the product guide, Kiwi Sizing shared some advice related to alleviating the sizing issue using technology. See more details by clicking on the link below:

Creating an In-person Experience on Your Product Pages | Yotpo
Tools that allow customers to interact with your product can help them visualize it better — which means they’re more likely to buy it.

If you are interested in how to create the highly-conversion product page, you can read the entire Ultimate eCommerce Product Page Guide below:

How to Create the Ultimate eCommerce Product Page | Yotpo
Learn how to create high-converting eCommerce product pages with this expert guide, including tips on product photography, product descriptions, and more.

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To reduce the return rate after a successful sale, we also recommend that you can create a size chart with unit conversion to make your customers pick the unit they are most comfortable to think in to make a purchase decision.

Or use Kiwi Sizing AI Size Recommender as a size chart tool. It will recommend the most suitable size of products for customers to reduce return rate, help you decrease the cost of the return, and to create a positive cycle of your e-commerce business.