Top 5 Must-Have Marketing Apps for BigCommerce for 2021

These tools are all within the BigCommerce App Store for you to find the best solutions. This time we're going to focus on the marketing category and recommend top 5 must-have marketing apps for BigCommerce stores from a marketing perspective.
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Last updated on September 18, 2022

We have previously covered the Big Commerce platform and its growing app ecosystem for all kinds of e-commerce related solutions, whether it’s marketing, inventory management, financials, or customer relationship.

At the same time, we are happy to share that Kiwi Sizing has also integrated with the BigCommerce platform, and we look forward to helping you solve your sizing issues!

We have previously shared a few different types of BigCommerce Apps, such as Live Customer Support Apps or Product Page Optimization Apps, and this time we’re going to focus on the marketing category, and recommend 5 BigCommerce Apps for eCommerce operators from a marketing perspective.

Please refer to the following content to choose suitable options for your needs!

Omnisend: send out the message to the right person at the right time, and improve sales

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A great email marketing tool is critical for a digital marketing strategy. Ominisend is a powerful marketing automation tool for e-commerce to send out email, SMS or push notifications to people automatically to build continuous relationships with your existing customers, save up to 20% of orders in abandoned shopping carts, acknowledge transactions, and build trust.

Omnisend gives you options to create your email templates, which also comes with different modules you can drag and drop and customize as you want.

Effective communication is more than just sending out mass messages, but requires personalization and targeted audience. Based on your customers’ shopping activities, Omnisend’s segmentation feature can improve your targeting by grouping them. The reports function helps you improve your marketing campaigns and expect sustainable growth.

Wishlist Plus by Swym: tailored marketing campaigns to those who have bookmarked your products

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Very few shoppers purchase on their first visit to the store, so there should be a way for them to be reminded of their previous browsed and liked items! Here comes Wishlist Plus by Swym, an easy-to-use tool to help shoppers keep track of the products they like by bookmarking them for the next time. According to statistics, Wishlist+ users see a 20% to 30% higher conversion rate and these customers are likely to spend up to 50% more per order.

After your customers show interest in specific products, Wishlist+ can be integrated with email automated platforms, social media, and CRM tools for you to create personalized marketing campaigns and bring your customers back.

Though this BigCommerce app is relatively new, they all speak profoundly about the product’s sufficiency as well as their customer support which is responsive and helpful.

Privy:interact with your consumers and grow fast!

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One of the must-have marketing apps for your ecommerce store is Privy, which currently supports more than 500,000 businesses in over 180 countries and generates $3.9 billion in sales. Privy assists online stores to interact with their shoppers, grow the email list, increase conversion rate, and reduce cart abandonment.

Privy has out-of-box marketing tools that provide automated A/B tests, coupon code integration, email marketing integration, and real-time analytics, which is good for both big or small online stores. There’s no need for experience in coding or design.

Some of the features are even free to use! It’s smart to have Privy in your hand and stop your customers from leaving with an exit-intent-driven popup!

S Loyalty:Personalized rewards and multi-tier loyalty programs to delight your customers

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Loyal customers often generate more sales and are more likely to share your brand with their friends and family. S Loyalty helps you manage different loyalty programs to delight your loyal customers and also provide personalized rewards to encourage existing customers to purchase from you again.

Depending on the plans chosen, you can create from 3 to 20+ personalized rewards with conditional settings, and from a simple birthday bonus to a fully customized loyalty plan. S Loyalty is a good way for you to keep “the passion” going on with your customers.

Shogun Page Builder: a page builder to increase your store’s conversion rate

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A great online store requires an outstanding website, not only the look but also its experience. With Shogun Page Builder, you can simply ”drag and drop“ to create a customized homepage, blog page, and product pages in BigCommerce, and use A/B testing to let you know which designs are more appealing to your customers as well as creating higher conversion rates.

While Shogun is strictly a website builder app, we believe it complements other marketing tools and is critical in optimizing the marketing and conversion funnel.

Shogun also comes with a visual analytics suite to help you monitor sales, add to carts rates, bounce rate, session, and form submits. Shogun has an excellent 5-star rating, with users saying it’s intuitive, easy to use, and very helpful to store owners, not to mention the world-class customer support it provides, all showing that it’s a great marketing app to have while building a BigCommerce store.

We know that the most important goal of marketing is to increase conversion rates and boost sales. From these top 5 must-have marketing apps above:

  • Omnisend can use emails to optimize messaging to existing and potential customers
  • Wishlist+ can be used to remind non-purchasers of their preferences and deliver customized marketing campaigns.
  • Privy supports you in proactively interacting with your customers, acquiring more email lists, and reducing the percentage of abandoned shopping carts.
  • S Loyalty helps you establish a variety of discount combinations and loyalty programs for your customers, targeting previous consumers, and attracting them to return to the site and shop again.
  • Last but not least, with Shogun, you can create high-converting pages that complements other marketing automation tools you use

By thoroughly utilizing these tools, you should be able to find a lift in your sales an driving more values for your customers

The high rate of returns is still one of the most common problems ecommerce operators encounter. While a lot of time is spent on different marketing methods to boost sales, having a great sizing tool is also critical to make these efforts work effectively. Therefore, Kiwi Sizing is here for you to get rid of the “return hassle” and use Size Recommender to help consumers find their right sizes.

To reduce the return rate after a successful sale, we also recommend that you use Kiwi Sizing AI Size Recommender as a size chart tool. It will recommend the most suitable size of products for customers to reduce return rate, help you decrease the cost of the return, and to create a positive cycle of your e-commerce business.

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