Navigating Holiday Returns: 5 Ways How a Size Chart App Can Effectively Minimize Holiday Returns for Shopify Stores

Returns are a part and parcel of any e-commerce business, regardless of the industry you belong to. But it goes up a notch during the holiday season for various reasons, such as wrong sizes, duplicate gifts, and changing preferences. The approximate holiday returns are about 17.9% every year. 
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Last updated on October 10, 2023

In this article, you’ll find

  1. Understanding Holiday Returns 
  2. Impact of Holiday Returns On Customer Loyalty 
  3. The Role of Size Chart Apps And Returns 
  4. Features to Look for in a Size Chart App 
  5. Best Tools For Sizing Charts on Shopify
  6. 5 Ways How A Size Chart App Can Minimize Holiday Returns For Shopify Stores
  7. 7. Tools To Help You Navigate Holiday Returns 
  8. Holiday Returns Best Practices: Tips To Manage Returns 
  9. How To Protect Yourself For Fraudulent Holiday Returns 
  10. Conclusion 
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The holiday season is an exciting time for your business. But then comes the scary part, a tsunami of holiday returns. According to a study, almost 42% of holiday shoppers plan on returning some of the purchased products, if not all. 

That’s a huge number! 

Wait, there is more. 46% of shoppers also say a poor return experience means they will never shop with the retailer again. 

So, what if we told you there was a way to navigate holiday returns almost effortlessly, especially if you are a clothing, footwear, or accessories retailer? 

Yes! Having the right size chart app by your side can help you avoid the influx of returns and offer your customers a positive shopping experience. 

This article has all the answers. Here, we will tell you everything you must know about minimizing holiday returns for your Shopify stores. Ready to unpack the best strategies? Let’s dive in! 

Understanding Holiday Returns 

Do you know why shoppers return items? Well, 75% say it’s because the item doesn’t fit. 

If we look at the most returned purchases by categories, first comes clothing, followed by bags and accessories, and shoes. 

Importance of Minimizing Holiday Returns

Returns are a part and parcel of any e-commerce business, regardless of the industry you belong to. But it goes up a notch during the holiday season for various reasons, such as wrong sizes, duplicate gifts, and changing preferences. The approximate holiday returns are about 17.9% every year. 

Holiday returns can adversely impact operations and customer relationships if return processes are not streamlined.

To manage the surge of returns, eight in 10 retailers already have a plan of action handy or are using the necessary tools and technology to make it seamless. 

It becomes imperative to understand the reason behind the returns. It helps you effectively manage them to amplify customer satisfaction and loyalty. This way, the festive season’s joy extends beyond the holidays.

Impact of Holiday Returns On Customer Loyalty 

Imagine. You are scrolling through your favorite Shopify store and stumble upon the most beautiful dress. In haste to own the lovely creation for the holidays, you neglect to see the size chart and end up with the wrong fit. 

If the retailer says no or has a lengthy return procedure, will you shop from them again? Probably no! 

Only one in five customers forgive a negative experience. So, one wrong step and you may end up losing your customer. 

Usually, most retailers refund the returns while others share a redeemable gift card. A hassle-free process makes your shoppers feel confident that they can return items without undue difficulty. It builds trust, and the customer is more likely to be back for a repeat purchase.

However, a negative experience can do the opposite. Therefore, you must have efficient and customer-centric return policies that can help you nurture long-term loyalty.

The Role of Size Chart Apps And Returns 

Returns and size chart apps? There is a relevant connection, we promise!

Let’s say that you are looking for trendy footwear online but are apprehensive due to sizing concerns and return hassles.

Right then, you come across a Shopify store with a breathtaking collection and a user-friendly size chart app that makes footwear shopping effortless.

Do you see it?

Size chart apps empower you to address a common return trigger. It not only improves operational efficiency but also helps with customer satisfaction. 

So, if you deal in clothing, footwear, or accessories, size chart apps can be crucial for your success. 

Features to Look for in a Size Chart App 

When choosing a size chart app, always consider a few crucial features to make the most of them. Take a look!

  • Opt for an app with customization options for tailored sizing guides. 
  • Choose apps with real-time updates and ease of editing.
  • The size chart app must come with analytics for shopper insights.
  • You need a size chart app with a user-friendly interface to provide easy navigation.
  • See if it is compatible with your e-commerce platform, such as Shopify.
  • You need a mobile responsive design for shoppers who use smartphones. 
  • Finally, look for robust customer support for any issue resolution.

Best Tools For Sizing Charts on Shopify

When it comes to creating sizing charts for your Shopify store, there are several tools and apps available that can help you effectively display sizing information to your customers. 

Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender  

Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender  

KiwiSizing is a popular Shopify app that allows you to create and display size charts easily. It offers customization options, mobile responsiveness, and integration with various Shopify themes.

AVADA: Size Chart, Size Guide 

AVADA: Size Chart, Size Guide 

This is an excellent app that helps your customers have a clear view of the products that perfectly fit them and helps avoid any sizing mistakes. It offers ready-to-use templates, customization options, and floating or inline-link size charts. 

Ultimate Size Chart

Ultimate Size Chart

Next on the list is the Ultimate Size Chart app. This easy-to-use app displays detailed size charts on your online store. It offers various features to customize and optimize them for a wonderful shopping experience. 

5 Ways How A Size Chart App Can Minimize Holiday Returns For Shopify Stores

Are you still wondering how a size chart app can minimize something as big as a holiday return? Well, it is something shoppers proactively look for. 71% of shoppers say that they miss the sizing tool if it is unavailable. 

Size chart apps are like the underrated heroes who help make informed purchases. Here’s how they do it!

Offers Accurate Sizing Information

5 Ways How A Size Chart App Can Minimize Holiday Returns

Did you know? Almost 83% of apparel sites don’t provide proper sizing information. The power to choose the right size, especially during the holiday frenzy can be a game-changer.

Imagine, a shopper trying to purchase a perfect outfit for a family get-together but is uncertain about which size to choose. Having a comprehensive size chart app with size recommendation features at their disposal will solve this problem. 

Accurate sizing information will not only offer a seamless shopping experience but can also curb the return rates. 

Enhances Customer Confidence 

If given the choice between two options—a Shopify store that offers a comprehensive size chart and one that does not, which one would you choose? Most probably the first one! 

Today, 63% of online shoppers are most concerned about fit and size when purchasing clothes online. But when you have access to a thorough sizing guide, the risk of ordering the wrong size goes down. It instills confidence in your store and builds trust. 

So, a size chart app not only minimizes the likelihood of returns but can ensure your customers come back for a repeat purchase. 

Reduces Size-Related Returns 

5 Ways How A Size Chart App Can Minimize Holiday Returns

Did you know? The average e-commerce return rate is around 20% to 30%, and sizing is the most common issue. Whether it is a handbag or a dress, size charts can provide accurate information. So, the item purchased by your customer fits their requirements to the T. 

This, in turn, leads to combatting any returns caused by sizing issues. Also, size chart apps bring your customers a sense of satisfaction, which is vital for any business. 

Lastly, during the holiday season, when return rates usually surge, size chart apps become invaluable tools and enable smooth and cost-effective operations.

Reduced Support Queries 

When your customers have clear access to all their sizing needs, it decreases customer support queries. 

So, when the workload becomes streamlined, your support team can allocate the resources more efficiently. It also helps them tackle other chores that require their complete attention.

Improved User Experience 

5 Ways How A Size Chart App Can Minimize Holiday Returns

When the sizing queries are resolved, shopping becomes seamless as it curbs any uncertainty. Your customers will no longer have to worry if a particular product will fit them well. They can sit back and relax. 

This makes way for an enjoyable experience and builds your store’s credibility. You become someone your customers rely on. All you have to do is choose the right size chart app, and you are good to go. 

Tools To Help You Navigate Holiday Returns 

Navigating holiday returns on Shopify is easy when you have a variety of tools to help you out. Take a look! 


5 Ways How A Size Chart App Can Minimize Holiday Returns

The first app on our list is easyReturns. It is a return management solution that integrates with Shopify. This user-friendly app initiates returns and offers customization options for return policies. This app can help streamline the returns process and improve the shopping experience.

Order returns by Return Prime

5 Ways How A Size Chart App Can Minimize Holiday Returns

Next, we have Order returns by Return Prime. It helps simplify the returns process and allows customers to request returns. It can be especially useful during high-return periods like the holidays.

ReturnGO Returns & Exchanges

5 Ways How A Size Chart App Can Minimize Holiday Returns

ReturnGO is an app focused on optimizing returns and exchanges. It offers features such as return analytics and automated return approvals. This app can help Shopify store owners gain insights into returns trends and expedite the process.

Holiday Returns Best Practices: Tips To Manage Returns 

Now that you know a size chart app can be a great support system, let’s talk about the best practices to manage holiday returns. Here’s the lowdown.

Have A Clear and Concise Return Policy

5 Ways How A Size Chart App Can Minimize Holiday Returns

Shoppers are smart. Almost 60% of customers will review the return policy before the purchase. So, you cannot cut corners here. 

You must create a transparent return policy and ensure it is prominently available on the website. Make it comprehensive and include all the details. It is also a great idea to include holiday-specific terms and conditions so you don’t get stuck in a real pickle amidst the holiday returns.

Offer Hassle-Free Returns Process

If the return procedure is complicated or lengthy, will you purchase from that particular store again? Probably not! Because there are a plethora of online stores, each better than the other. 

That’s how every shopper thinks as well. 

But losing a customer is never an option. Just like shopping, try to make the return process enjoyable as well. Ditch any cumbersome procedure. Instead, keep your holiday returns simple. 

Extend Return Windows For Holidays 

5 Ways How A Size Chart App Can Minimize Holiday Returns

Usually, almost 62.58% of shoppers expect retailers to offer returns within 30 days of purchase. But holidays are different. Everyone is relishing the festive cheer, and returns are the last thing on their minds. 

So, to accommodate the holiday season, you can extend your holiday return window. It makes it easier for both you and your customer.

See what you just did there? 

You went the extra mile for your customers. It will not only be appreciated but they may also choose you for the next purchase. 

Provide Free or Low-Cost Return Shipping

Prices are everything. 62% of shoppers said they won’t consider purchasing from a retailer that doesn’t offer free shipping. People look for savings wherever possible and high shipping or return charges are a big disappointment. 

So, offer free or low-cost holiday returns so you don’t lose customers. Incentivize exchanges over returns. 

During the holiday season, shoppers greatly appreciate the convenience and cost savings associated with easy returns. 

The cost of return shipping is an investment in customer goodwill and can lead to repeat business.

Have Prepaid Return Labels

To add a dash of convenience during the holiday season, you can provide prepaid return labels. It saves ample time and ensures that your customers follow through with returns even during the busy season. 

While prepaid labels are an added investment, they provide excellent customer satisfaction. It can lead to more business, positive reviews, and customer loyalty. You can always see if it works for you and take it from there. 

Encourage Exchanges Over Returns

5 Ways How A Size Chart App Can Minimize Holiday Returns

Instead of going straight to refunds, steer your customers towards an exchange. This approach can be beneficial because you retain the revenue within your store. 

Especially during the holiday season, shoppers may be open to trying on alternate products or items without having to go through the hassle of a return. So, when you actively promote exchanges, you can reduce the return volume and use this opportunity to upsell or cross-sell, improving your bottom line. 

Product Condition Assessment

If your products are in high demand during the holiday season, you may want to pick up the pace. It is crucial to ensure any returns that come your way are in a resalable condition. 

How? It’s simple. All you need to do is have a proper system that thoroughly inspects and evaluates the returned items to determine their potential. It makes your operations smooth and minimizes any disruptions.

How To Protect Yourself For Fraudulent Holiday Returns 

Almost 13% of retailers face losses due to fraudulent returns. While it’s a sad reality, it is essential to come up with hacks to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of holiday return fraud. Some of the things you can do include:

  • Separate the types of returners and track them with the help of available Shopify tools.
  • Have a return policy based on the number of items returned or per-order dollar value. 
  • If you notice a particular customer whose activities seem fraudulent, remove them from free shipping or full refunds.
  • Instead of a refund, offer store credit if you see a customer making multiple returns.
  • Don’t accept returns without a proper receipt and the original tag or protective seal. 
  • You can implement return limits within a certain timeframe to prevent excessive returns.

Are You Ready To Manage Your Holiday Returns?

The holiday season can bring you the joy of high profits along with the challenge of managing returns. However, a size chart app can be a valuable tool for a clothing, footwear, or accessories retailer. From providing accurate sizing information to giving your customers the best shopping experience, the right tool can curb returns. 

Do everything possible to prevent returns. Make use of the strategies that work for you and your business. Remember to have an efficient system in place to help smoothen your operations. 


Can you return holiday items?

Return policy varies from one store to another so check with that particular store for more information. 

How do returns work with a Shopify store?

Returns with a Shopify store usually start with a customer initiating a return request. Once this is done, the store starts its process. It can include creating return authorization, arranging for item collection, and initiating refund or exchange. 

Does Shopify have free returns?

It depends on the Shopify store. While some provide free returns, others may charge a small fee. 

How do you calculate your return rate?

To calculate the return rate, divide the number of items returned by the total number of items sold. Now, multiply the answer by 100. The answer is your return rate.

Who pays for customer returns?

It depends on the store’s policy. Always go through the return policy before the purchase to keep yourself informed. 

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